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09-27-12, 09:31 PM
So I have been seeing a lot of people talking about taking their welbutrin in the morning so they are "up" for the day and it has worn off for sleep time.

This makes sence to me, It is like Rittalin that way.

But it differ's.

The first time you take Rittalin you feel the effect right away, and as the medicine is taken out of your system the benefits ware off.

Welbutrin is different. It takes weeks before you feel anything.

To me this means that you are kind of building up a welbutrin reserve in your system. Or that the first hit is only felt weeks down the line.

If that is the case, then why would it matter if we took a pill in the morning of night ?

The most recent dose probably wont take effect for 3 more weeks to come.
Or, the most recent dose will only count for a small portion of today's benefits. most the benefits will be from an accumulation of meds taken in the last 3 weeks.

So why does it matter when i take it? night or day its effect isnt felt the same day.

Am i missing some thing ?

If one was to stop welbutrin all at once (not recommended) would they still have 3 weeks of the "high" or the benefits?

10-05-12, 08:29 PM
You can't really look at it that way.

There are 2 ways of increasing dopamine/norepinephrine signals in your head. 1 is to directly increase release of neurotransmitters 2 is to block the reuptake.

adderall is amphetamine so it does a lot of stuff. maoi effect, dat reversal thus increasing # of dopamine directly in the synapse. In addition, it also block the reuptake as well. maoi is a nasty stuff. super stimulant. It can really stimulate people, in heart rate and pressure sense physiology.

ritalin is known to block the reuptake. it can take weeks with ritalin in theory to build it up as well. however, it also upregulates release of dopamine and norepinephrine. so it also directly increases availability of those molecules in the synapse.

so, why does wellbutrin takes so long? it's like an SSRI. wellbutrin also upregulates the direct release like ritalin and adderall but to much lesser extent, so you feel stimulating effect as soon as you take it but not as much. And although this is so little, this is still stimulating and is why you should not take this at night!

wellbutrin will inhibit reuptake proteins. when it does that, inhibitor will make more dopa and ne to be available at the synpase. But this is not the main cause. The main goal here is make an individual more sensitive to dopamine and norepinephrine. So when you keep increasing more dopamine and norepinephrin at synapse, more of your receptors at the receiving end are stimulated than normal state and your body reacts. This reaction period of your body takes a couple of weeks to make more receptors for those increased neurotransmitters. That's why it takes a couple of weeks. Wellbutrin is known to act slower than SSRI. SSRI works the same way. Wellbutrin first increases norepinephrine sensitivity and availability then this will indirectly increase serotonine levels. At the same time, increased dopamine from wellbutrin can be perceived as depression cure, so many people will feel that they are less depressed with wellbutrin initially. But it is the serotonin indirect upregulation that really is the cure for depression.

As far as ADHD goes, we are just concerned about dopamine and norepinephrine. wellbutrin is weak and takes longer. One of the biggest reason that most people forget is the protein binding efficiency. Not everything will bind to wellbutrin. Ritalin and adderall has high affinity to bind those action centers, so more will bind and can even cause euphoria (I think it's at 65% of dopamine transporter? don't quote me). I think wellbutrin is like 15-25%.

To add, ritalin's half life is short, so it's not suitable for building up. I think wellbutrin's half life is long and its active metabolites are the ones that are responsible for action not the wellbutrin itself (correct me if wrong). so you can think wellbutrin actually has half life way longer than 20h (that of wellbutrin).

I am currently taking wellbutrin as well. I am hoping it works! :umm1::umm1:

10-05-12, 10:21 PM
Wow that is quite the post. I understand the concept but I always mix up nureph... dopamine... and the other one. Since you summarized it all I will reread it and actually get it down.

While I do that I have a question.

Putting the science of the whole thing aside. what exactly are you hoping it will do for your ADHD.

For me there were 3=4 main issues in order of importance to cure:

1 Social problems caused by what seems to be some kind of delay in processing.

2 Extreme and constant tiredness

3. If I lose my keys one more time !!!!!

4. focus (probably should be combined with one of the above.)

I have not noticed any change in my mode of thinking not happier not more focused. just the same # 4 is not changed.

From my understanding, if anything, it will make my memory worse.
So there goes number 3.

Yes it keeps my up, but this is at night when i do not need to be. Then, due to lack of sleep, I am just as tired during the day. I imagine I will adjust to this. But for now we'll say there goes number 2.

It has done nothing for me socially as of yet, but I have only been on 450 for a week. but I have very little hope for number 1. Making the whole experiment a wast of time.

So. what are you/we trying to fix ?

What is the goal in taking this med. I have yet to hear some one say it made me more focused or it got rid of the delay. It\s always about depression.

I understand scientifically it makes some sence but the end results dont seem worth it for ADHD

10-07-12, 05:23 PM
1 Social problems caused by what seems to be some kind of delay in processing.

2 Extreme and constant tiredness

3. If I lose my keys one more time !!!!!

4. focus (probably should be combined with one of the above.)

Hello there,
Well I wanted to fix #1, 3 and 4 just like you. I posted another thread explaining how I failed miserably with wellbutrin on day 5.

From my 5d experience from wellbutrin, I Can tell you that wellbutrin may solve 1. It definitely made me numb to emotions acting as an antidepressant. It made me feel 0 emotion, I did not like it.

2. Wellbutrin made me more tired for some reason. It is supposed to be a stimulant though.

3. Eventually you will do that less often (by 2nd month?)

4. same as 3.

But everyone is different. Like I hate wellbutrin right now!!!:eyebrow:

10-10-12, 01:30 AM
I thought that not much could be felt in 5 days they say give it 3 weeks to feel the difference.
as for number 1 to be more clear. its not an emotional thing, its that it takes me time to process what has been said, either making me look slow or dense, or not giving me a chance to respond as the convo keeps on moving.

That is the one thing I want to get rid of. the rest i can live with.

10-10-12, 05:25 AM
No expert by any means but it is my understanding that serotonin levels in the body are at the highest in the morning. During the day serotonin is reabsorbed into the body.

What happens with people that are depressed is that they either produce little serotonin or their serotonin is reabsorbed too quickly, so taking wellbutrin first thing in the morning when serotonin levels are at their peak, ensures that it has maximum effect in helping with the reabsorption.

10-11-12, 12:38 AM
Yes I forgot that some where along the way some one had also mentioned about taking it night like you did.

Just to clarify, i only did that for maybe 1 week as a test.

Im not sure if this had yielded any difference. but i do know at some point just for a little while i was waking up right away and ready to get out of bed as opposed to my 1 hour + time it takes to get out....

right now i sleep late 3-4 am(even before meds i used to do that)
and i wake up 11 to 12 . it now takes me once again 1 hour to get out of bed.

But it is possible that I am not getting less sleep. so maybe the meds are working a bit.

there was also a point that i would have really vivid dreams (i never remember my dreams ) but that seems to have faded away also..

But this is )i believe week 2. so hopefully something kicks in and i can finally tell you guys the positive effects of this med.