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09-28-12, 06:06 PM
All substances are safe, if only used wisely.

Manichean dualist demonology regarding methylated amphetamine is foolish. But I understand the rationale: the common plebeian rabble, and its lack of sapience and cognitive self-mastery. The governmental stigmatization is psychologically understandable--who knows how many lowlife savages have been saved by the manufactured bogeyman? Even savage cretins have God-given souls.

Methylated amphetamine is merely regular amphetamine, barely altered--except in terms of CNS-directed power. If abuse is going to occur with Dexedrine, the predisposing addictive/dysfunctional personality syndrome isn't going to change.

Amphetamines powerfully work on the deep brain neurons in the limbic area correlated to exploratory, seeking behavior and hedonist fulfillment ("happiness"). That is why character is everything in psycho-pharmacology and medicine--"character is destiny/fate", Heraclitus declared.

Thus, if predisposed to instant-gratification, cognitively undemanding, and bestial, animal-like forms of "pleasure" already, these psycho-stimulants are toxins of fatality.

If one, on the other hand, has an IQ of 180, is morally refined in meta-ethics, a student of Schopenhauer and Einstein, etc., and except for mental disorganization and/or atypical depression ironically generated by one's own mental acuity, is otherwise a noble, self-governing soul, these "toxins" can be life-savers...preventives of suicide in idiosyncratic depressive conditions undiagnosed thus far..."tools" only, not "masters"...

Character is all. My doctor would give me anything I asked for--perhaps excepting cocaine hydrochloride--because he knows my moral sense and medical knowledge.

For my bewilderingly complex "diagnosis", I'm currently on 8 mg of clonazepam per day PRN (unheard of by some--simple moral living and mutual doctor-patient trust is key), sertraline 200 mg per day, and 20 mg of the CNS-focused dextro- isomer of amphetamine in the form of generic IR 10 mg tablets, manufactured by this shady Israeli company. (Apparently the only manufacturer of, to simply, "generic Dexedrine" around these days... Weird. Collusion, Russian mafia involvement, racketeering very likely...)

The clonazepam, in addition to treating my anxiety problem, detoxifies the negative side effects of d-amphetamine in prophylaxis--to a certain degree. Any dangerous pressor effect is nullified PRN.

The sertraline is acceptable, but barely. Not one antidepressant of the conventional sort has even remotely aided me in fighting the beast. The sertraline has no effect whatsoever on my multifaceted diagnostic "package"...and through personal experience, I have learned all the junk in bold black letters about the supremely dreaded SEROTONIN SYNDROME OF DOOM, is over-magnified group-think panic and mere legal self-interest, notwithstanding the odd, rare case.

The neuro-pharmacological equation with meth-amph. is the same with all "artificial" substances we call medicines or drugs--introducing an alien part into the natural biology is going to alter things...

D-meth., like any stimulant or amphetamine, artificially amplifies the catecholamine neurotransmitters in an *unnatural* manner, whose mechanism of effect necessitates schizophrenic-like degradation of the neuron cell-components, thus creating the stress of "free radical" oxidation the pleasure-correlated limbic-neurons succumb to in UNWISE administration.

WISELY, all precautions should be taken. Meaning: if lacking addictive psychopathology, negotiating with the potentials of cardiovascular and neuronal damage latent in meth-amph. usage is possible and doable.

The central issue is preventing toxicity of heart and brain--remember, unnaturalness of cell function leading to oxidative stress overload is the main prophylactic area.

And cardio-toxicity, if the stimulant is administered therapeutically, should not exist for otherwise healthy individuals. Half of the neurotoxicity of methamphetamine is created by simple hyperthermia of the brain--and sample populations are biased usually, recreational "club"-hopping, sweaty, STD-ridden simians who are not representative. The pharmaceuticals and life-style choices exist to make medicinal "meth" the opposite of a monster.

If methamphetamine is Dexedrine "on steroids" (as some have said), then the preventive medicine measures only need to be adjusted accordingly. Circulatory and cardiovascular problems are removed from the start by simply living morally and intelligently. What remains, scientifically as a factor to negotiate with and overcome, is neuronal degeneration processes...

Two battles here: 1) preventing habituation, tachyphylaxis, etc., and 2) planning on how to reduce stress degeneration of free radical oxidation.

The first is managed by living wisely, correct "portioning" (no club binging and similar simian subhuman behavior), and chemically by either synergistic, adjunctive or complementary use of NMDA receptor antagonists and similar pharmaceuticals of good safety profile. Even co-administration of GABAergics such as, e.g., diazepam with dextromethamph. substantially reduces deep-level dopamine neuron damage (partially why I use clonazepam, but not exclusively.) GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF, UTILIZING SHEER MORAL SELF-DISCIPLINE--the *only* way to avoid dependence and disease! Or die... Poison, or elixir, as Paracelsus knew... EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE PATHO-PHYSIOLOGY OF MOLECULAR CELL-DEATH, INDUCED EXTRANEOUSLY... ETC., ETC.

NMDA receptor antagonists of high quality (inter-individual idiovariations in genome make linear recommendations problematic; e.g., simply to give an example employed in psychoneuropharmacological research, there is Dizocilpine; OTC, chelated Magnesium h.s. is something to investigate, etc.); effective benzodiazepine strategization; and so on. Thus is dependency/addiction-based, zombie nihilistic self-destructiveness, the government is morally panicked about, circumvented.

Research passionately the related fields of anti-dementia and anti-Parkinson medicines; and methods of outbalancing positives over negatives pharmacodynamically.

Secondly: Oxidative stress, free radical damage, cellular decay not managed by above means.

The only solution is methodical research into the science of HOW "oxidative stress", "free radical" chaos develop, and HOW to ameliorate the effects of these unchangeable processes as efficiently as humanly possible--if regular Dexedrine started you on the path of prophylactic medicine and the interdisciplinary sciences involved in the physiology of cellular disease, then intake of dextromethamph. requires even more intensive personal d-meth-amph. *IS* the most neurologically potent form medicinally, and the risk of irreversible brain matter decay the greater...

Thus, acquiring absolute scientific self-education relating to, e.g., ANTIOXIDANTS and manifold NEUROPROTECTIVE substances (many above-mentioned, GABAergics; anti-dementia and anti-Parkinson drugs--wisely!; unconventional antidepressants; NMDA receptor antagonists--selectivity required here likewise--KEEP RESEARCHING!) are necessary to truly negate the real problem of meth-AMPH.-induced neurodegeneration... One has to study methods of ameliorating the damage even at the level of molecular microbiology and the most arcane biochemistry...

Paracelsus said it all: Poisons, or remedies. The choice of every human mind.

Curse fear-ridden pharmacists and conformists. Reality is all. Character is fate.

10-09-12, 07:36 PM
Is methamphetamine more euphoric, more addicting and more dangerous than amphetamine? Yes.

Is Desoxyn more addicting than Dexedrine or Adderall? No.

In darker times years past I experienced methamphetamine in large quantities via every route of administration. I have seen it destroy lives in a manner more disturbing, swift and gruesome than any other drug.

Desoxyn, however, is, contrary to popular belief, highly impure. Break down a Desoxyn tablet and I'm sure you'd be left with a great deal of powder (I never abused my script so I can't be certain of the exact amount). The 5mg of powder that is actually active methamphetamine is probably the size of a pin head, perhaps a bit larger.

The extra methyl group makes a significant difference, however, when the route of administration is not oral. Crystal methamphetamine of the purity I was accustomed to has radically variable effects from one route of administration to the next.

I cannot emphasize enough how utterly incomparable the high produced by intravenous methamphetamine is to that of an orally consumed dose.

Quality crystal, injected at common doses (I typically used .25 grams per injection) feels utterly unlike any chemical with "speedy" characteristics. To begin with, the rush is incapacitating. The pure, unprecedented waves of pleasure leave you unable to speak or move. You aren't energized and jittery... you feel as if you have dissolved into the universe. Every cell in your body feels melts into pure ecstasy. You might think you are dying. You may vomit... but you will have never felt anything better.

That kind of effect is not achievable with Desoxyn. In tablet formation methamphetamine cannot be consumed very effectively by an method other than that which is intended. How do you propose to get 250 mg extracted and dissolved in a small amount of water or saline?

My first injection of crystal meth was actually involuntary (long, traumatic story). No high is better... or more overwhelmingly destructive.