View Full Version : Was I conned in to welbutrin?

10-01-12, 02:13 AM
I just saw some symptoms of depression (which i dont THINK i have)

I went to see a psych a while ago and he identified me as adhd-inattentive.

I looked in to it and i fit the mould pretty well.

He told me I should go on 450 mg welbutrin, (i had tried aderall and rittalin with no effect with another doc)

Now I been looking for some info on welbutrin and it seems that most that like it say it was good for their deppresion but did nothing for ADHD. I know it is said it can be used for adhd.

I realize after seeing some of the symptoms of depression that I could have easily given the impression im depressed,

So what im thinking is.. Was I told to take welbutrin for ADHD but in fact I was given it for depresion?

If, when i talked to the psch, we discussed depresion, I would have said no i dont think i have it. I would of showed that I would not like that diagnoses.

This is what i get about welbutrin so far:

People who take it for ADHD also have depression,they say it helps with their depression but NOT for ADHD.

It RUINS your memory.... this is exactly what you dont want for ADHD. This is what i am trying to combat.Why and how would this med help with ADHD? I dont see it anywhere,

I think i was conned in to taking it as many of us may have been

10-01-12, 02:22 AM
I don't think this is necessarily true. IT seems that wellburtin is commonly prescribed for ADD even if it is off-label. Considering that you already tried adderal and rittalin without success (assuming you told the new dr this) it doesn't seem that strange that he tried you on wellburtin. What medication were u hoping for? Just give it a go for a while and if it doesn't work maybe go back and ask for something else.

10-01-12, 05:07 PM
I was hoping for anything that works.

as far as others using Welbutrin for add. I just cant seem to find a positive post from some one without depression that used it exclusively for ADD. I mean it makes you forget things@ how helpfull can it be, what should i be looking forward to ?