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Sir Doalot
10-01-12, 04:35 PM
Hello all,

I've got myself in on of these typical ADD situations again; I had to register for university before October 1 and I tried it on August 30, but I found out that the internet registration was closed. Because it was weekend, I could not go to the student service desk, where I could fill in a form to register. Later, I found out that the internet registration closed on August 31 and I could have read this somewhere.

So, I cancelled my job for the day and travelled all the way through my country to go to my university and arrange this thing. This morning, when I was at the desk, the lady told me that this will be difficult. I had to do a couple of things:

- Get permission from my study director (-> result: success!)
- Get permission from the director of the student service center -> send him a mail, telling him about my ADD, he asked the dean for advice.
- Send a mail to the dean, explaining my situation, he said that he wants to talk to me about the situation (which is his job, so this is good). He also said that he is going to get advice from the study psychologist, who knows me and my situation, we have talks every now and then (I also believe she respects me and will certainly defend me here).
- The reason of my late application can not be that I: 1) forgot registring 2) my computer broke 3) etc. My reason should be valid, and I believe ADD is a valid explanation for this situation.

If everything goes wrong, I have to wait for 4 months before I can study again. This ruins my schedule (although I can work around this). I have been studying for 7 years now and everything is going so smoothly (after years of big struggle!) that I don't just want to give up this 'flow'.

I want to ask your advice; I am going to meet the dean next Thursday. What critical questions can you ask me about this situation? I mean, with my ADD diagnosis, I can use it as an excuse for everything. On the other hand, this type of thing is so typical for me; I focus on my internship and thesis, which fortunately go very well, and forget about other stuff. It's always that black/white for me. I can not yet focus on every aspect of my life, I am still growing in this. Half a year ago, I was really a wreck and I am so happy about where I am know, it's really unbelievable.

So, what questions/advice/feedback do you have for me. Every bit of help is appreciated, thank you!

10-02-12, 11:56 AM
Are you registering for the fall? If that were my situation, I wouldn't mind having no college to deal with in the fall. Although it would bother me if there are certain classes I wanted which were only available in the fall.

10-02-12, 01:18 PM
I think talking to your dean could help

Sir Doalot
10-06-12, 12:49 PM
I talked to my dean, the student psychogist and my study director. Everyone supports me, so I expect to be admitted again in a few days. Thanks for you advice!

@Rockydaydreamer - I always try to accept the "worst case scenario" to deal with such situations; in this case this would be no studies in the fall, which, as you say, could also be very nice. I would go working for a few months and then go for 1-2 months to Africa for some work experience. So, if this goes awry, I will still have a good time.

I have you have one too! Cheers!