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12-21-04, 12:52 AM

I was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a year ago. I am 34, married, and have 2 boys..14 & 5. I had some difficulties at first with medication reactions but seem to have good progress with decision making & some focus with Strattera. I am no longer taking it for financial reasons and am considering something with less side effects. The loss of appetite has been a big problem and the night sweats. I did not realize how bad my appetite had been until I went off it. I have been eating like mad. But I can't focus at all and I am realizing that the medication has great benefits too.
I am currrently condsidering Melaleuca as a natural alternative and would love input from anyone on that.
Just moved to Missouri from Illinois in August. Hi to everyone in MO!!

01-26-05, 10:45 AM
Welcome Lisa!


01-26-05, 11:08 AM
hello there fellow missourian.

Captain Da Da
02-23-05, 07:35 PM
hello there fellow missourian.
You might very well have the coolest avatar.

I love aliens.:p