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10-02-12, 11:59 AM
Updated by Peri. 10/1/15
*new atypical antipsychotic just approved (vraylar/caripraszine)

Prescribing info.

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below you'll find the prescribing information for most of the atypical antipsychotics. should you find a gap or have an updated link at any time, please send a private message to a moderator in medications.

abilify/aripiprazole: (

clozaril/clozapine: (

geodon/ziprasidone: (

invega/paliperidone: (

latuda/lurasidone: (

risperdal/risperidone: (


seroquel/quetiapine: (


zyprexa/olanzipine: (

08-08-15, 02:27 AM

Invega trinza (quarterly depot):

I can add other depot injections on here, but the only newish one is abilify and this wild three month one that caught my eye and is why i included it. The others have been around but I'm happy to add the sheets for them if it's helpful.