View Full Version : She Was Me

10-02-12, 11:43 PM
Heartaches and side steppin',
eggshells and so damn smitten.
Forced up against the wall of shame,
this coward took the reins.

Rampaged and destroyed all around her with glee...
Set her feet upon the quicksand
of all that was considered lovely.
Packed up her soul and put it away...

darkness came upon us,
and there would never be anything but grey.

The cold seeped in,
slowly but surely.
Upon it's journey it came to a place,
that was bound and determined not to be disgraced.
This "speck of sweet" refused to fade,
and fought off all corruptive enemies of this place.

She turned up her face
and once again could see...
a clearing in the sky, a new place to be.

The path was clear, she was running now.

Pockets full of sweet....

She thought she had made it,
thought all had been beat.

In the dressing room,
she dug through the heap.
Tried on everything she thought she should be.
Heart sinking...
Not breathing...
desperation set in...
Unbelievable....would she have to start all over again?

The speck of sweet called out to she,

"Come lovely....Come forward....Come free..."

Perplexed...she stood,

let from her hands fall free,

all that she thought she ought to be.