View Full Version : Psychopathy as a spectrum disorder?

10-05-12, 07:05 PM
I'm currently looking into what facilitates emotions and attachment in humans beings. I'm still in the process of reading but it's apparently thought to be very dependent on 5HT/serotonin and oxycotin. I'm still going through all the different personality disorders but what caught my eye was psychopathy. If I look at the symptom list, I'm borderline, particularly with facet 2.

I guess I'm wondering if psychopathy is like autism or ADHD or any other mental disorder, does it fall on a spectrum with varying degrees of presentation? This would make the most sense to me since all our genetic expression and behavior can be explained with neurochemistry. Maybe the only thing that separates a true psychopath from someone overly emotional is their serotonin regulation or some such and then everyone else falls somewhere betwixt.

Small recap: I'm emotionally shallow, I'm immune to the serotonergic effects of MDMA, and my ability to empathize or feel is extremely limited relative to other people. But I'm not completely without emotion either. Anyone have any background or experience in this area? I don't think I'm the only one who's like this here.

Samantha Nicole
10-05-12, 10:05 PM
How are you immune to effects of MDMA?

10-06-12, 01:05 AM
No dilated pupils, no euphoria, no roll, not even a placebo. Normally I'd chalk it up to it being a deal gone sour but even if I take the exact same powder from the exact same bag as other people, they have both dilated pupils and feel it work while I don't. It's also true for LSD. My pupils don't dilate and I don't experience anything. I did, however, experience the norepinephrine effects of MDMA so perhaps immune is the wrong word; I was tolerant to its serotoninergic properties.

It's not conclusive evidence but it leads me to suspect there's something wrong with my 5HT1A receptors or oxycotin system much like there's something wrong with my dopamine system that causes my ADHD. I mean, if ADHD is neurochemically based, I don't see why this other problem of emotional shallowness/anhedonia/blunt affect/atypical depression/whateveryouwanttocallit wouldn't have similar roots.