View Full Version : Euphoria at the weirdest times

Awkward Jim
10-06-12, 04:19 AM
For the last 2 months, ive started noticing this happen more frequently.
It usually happens 2 hours after a dose of IR Dexedrine wears off (feeling ADHDy).
Everything is beautiful!
Colours look vibrant
nature looks amazing
Clouds are out of this world
sounds and sensations feel zoomed in 10 fold.
It just feels like intense euphoria.

It happens every few days,
and i know its not a bad side effect, but it does worry me, cause i do feel like this is not the behaviour that someone should emmit randomly.

I notice it happens when after i have a half or smaller doses too.
im just worried it might lead to something more dangerous down the road?

Would love to hear some insight

Thanks :P