View Full Version : Support on the gold coast, adderall available?

12-23-04, 03:19 AM
Hello! I live on the gold coast QLD and just diagnosed as "severe' add. the first attempt to treat was with strattera and then concerta. the social anxiety went completely away with the strattera but way to many side effects, the concerta worked for 3 days then stopped.. i am left to try the gold standard adderal XRl or dexamphetamine. HOWEVER my psych will not prescribe and hinted for me to cross the border sounds like <st1 =""><st1:country-region w:st="on">mexico</st1:country-region></st1> " to NSW in search of..
I know that children do not outgrow adhd threfore adults have this illness minus the Hyperactivity. can anyone help? i am soo close to a cure, i really think the dexamphetamine will work.. Please ?

Merry Christmas - Happy birthday JESUS!!!!!!!!

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04-27-05, 09:36 PM
um, i didn't even think concerta was availible in aus.

06-15-05, 09:40 PM
Yes.. i had same problem. There is a Dr i am seeing in brisbane that gives Dex. I am not posting his name on here though.. i will email you info if your still in need of seeing someone..

09-02-05, 08:41 AM
I had concerta for awhile so it must be. Ask at the discount drug store or something, and if you have to cross the border it isn't that far from the gold coast or maybe I'm thinking of the sunshine coast, anyway one of the coasts around there are across the border.

There is also the option of trying Ritalin is your up to it.

09-02-05, 03:05 PM
I have no problem now sourcing it.

10-05-06, 09:25 AM
Hello all!
on dexedrine now, it is working but i need to find a source for Adderall here back in the 80's good ole Queendland.. . i am totally surprised more do not know about this wonder drug for ADD :confused: but then again, shell be right mate! ;)lol Adderall does not make one edgy and spaced like ritalin/concerta = methylphenidate, Adderall contains a little dexedrine
and cannot be abused for instance snorted ( they have modfied it so it doesnt produce a high when snorted) and looks like its not available here :eyebrow:.

by the way, if you do have ADD dexedrine will not give you a high, it will make you feel somewhat normal! unless of course you brush your teeth with tooth paste containing baking soda before your dose! (horrible) (by the way, vitamin C kills dex and will couteract this)

here is a link and info on adderral.

remember, everyone is different. check out the amen clinic, take the adhd test. some people freak out on antidepressants and find things like dex a godsend, and others find that straterra is the key and cant handle dex.

tip.. ginko gilboa, dexedrine, atkins diet togeather work great! yea the atkins diet! dont worry, eating lots of steaks wont destroy your liver! :p

Hope this helps someone out there!