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10-09-12, 08:53 PM
Hi .My daughter is 8 and she has ADD. She has stopped taking medicine due to health issues.

School is hard for her. She cries almost everyday about school. Her teachers discriminate and don't wanna help or deal with her because of her disability. She seems to just be giving up. It hurts for me to see her like this.I try and do all I can to help her.I go to the school report teachers,and the principle does nothing but get a nasty attitude! And acts as if I am bothering her and the teachers.

I am in the process of getting her an IEP. Has anyone had an IEP for their child? if so what is your opinion of it?Also any tips on what I could do to help my daughter get through this and not give up? I am doing the best I can. But I am open to suggestions. Please help me!

10-09-12, 11:26 PM
So sorry your little girl is having so much trouble. I've been there with my 8 year old and I know how frustrating it can be. I posted about some of our struggles last spring and my attempt to secure some help for her. Unfortunately in Canada they don't have much support for ADHD students. I sure didn't get anywhere with her teacher. She only wanted her medicated and even for the while that she WAS medicated she kept telling me it wasn't enough. We chose to leave mainstream school over it all.

Has your school offered any testing for her in terms of LD. We discovered vision dysfunction and a possible auditory processing disorder when we went for private evaluations that we are getting treatment for. We are now finally seeing academic improvement after 5 months of these treatments. Our school kept us believing all her problems related to her inattention and wouldn't accept that she may have an accompanying LD causing the lack of output ( of which there was basically none).

There are a ton of threads here with IEP information and your rights in the US.

My main advise would be to give her the safest, securest home when she comes home. Free from more school struggles and anxieties. By this I mean keeping "homework" to a reasonable amount ( if any ) for her AND finding ways to make her learning fun, not more of a trial. Lots of encouragement, and hugs. She needs to know that schoolwork doesn't define her as a person. She is valuable whether she completes her math sheets or not. Schools seem to be good at relating to kids that there is ONE way to learn, their way, when there are many different learning styles. Fostering a love of learning instead of getting through the curriculum was a choice I was able to make. Hopefully you can impart this message to your daughter and tell her to just do her best while she is there. Hopefully if she knows her Mom has her back as soon as the bell rings she can get through the day. My daughter just couldn't and was miserable. I used to pop in before recess, then again before lunch just to see if she was OK( while medicated I also liked to make sure she actually ate something). Sometimes it was just to give her a smile and a high five or a thumbs up. Some days were going so badly I signed her out and we went to the park and read or counted leaves, divided them into piles and had a math lesson, the fun way. lol

You are certainly not alone in this. You will find quite a few parents currently posting with similar issues. Our education system is broken for a ton of our little people. Makes me very sad. :(

10-10-12, 02:12 AM
I donīt know what the law is where you are but my sonīs educational psychologist has been invaluable in terms of meeting with the teachers with me and gently "reminding" them of their legal obligations to my son and what they should all be doing to assist him.

10-10-12, 10:53 AM
An IEP can be helpful, but you need the cooperation of the teachers and administration for it to work the way it should. It sounds as though you will have a hard time getting that cooperation from your daughter's school. If you decide to go the route of an IEP, find an advocate in your area to come to the meeting with you. I have found that the school will cooperate better when there is an advocate involved.

If you go to there is ample information on IEP's and also a database for advocates in every State. Make sure you send your request for an IEP evaluation in writing by certified mail.