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10-10-12, 03:07 PM
First of all, I have a problem with alcohol- I used it to control my social phobias and anxiety but I haven't had a drink since early august 5th- shortly coming off xanax. I am currently taking vyvanse 60mg, adderall 15mg IR, and Remeron 30mg for anxiety and depression.

I moved to Chicago (from south suburb) just over a month ago and saw a doctor through an outpatient program and she put me on remeron last month but I am still struggling with being around others and I never realized how much I hate public transportation until moving here. I feel like the L-train will fall at any second and feel exhausted getting off from all the tension. Buses arent AS bad but still disgust me like trains do. So that plus social anxiety is preventing me from forming relationships, be comfortable talking to people, or even comfortable around strangers...

My ADHD medicine worsens my anxiety too. I have tried paxil, celexa, zoloft all with negative results or loss of sex drive. The remeron makes me groggy and agitated the next day and after waiting 1 month, no significant relief. I was on xanax .5 every 6 hours as needed for 2 months from an internal medicine doc this summer and it gave me relief from panic like symptoms and kept me from drinking but it was too short acting and I found myself needing it more.

SOOO... my problem is the doctors/therapist ive had recently have been telling me my anxiety stems from my depression but I feel I wouldn't be so damn depressed if I wasnt so f***ing anxious!!! I am seeking out a new psychiatrist and feel a longer acting benzo will really help my quality of life but also feel no doc will give me one given my alcohol problem... and I'm also getting sick of trying all these meds that they want me to wait 4-6 weeks and Hopefully ill feel better...... So any advice about how to approach this or experience is greatly appreciated.

10-10-12, 04:21 PM
have you ever tried any form of therapy in conjunction with meds, like cognitive behavioural therapy?. Meds can be fine for keeping a lid on things but they donīt help get to the root of the problem.

Iīve had 2 years of psychotherapy many years ago and it was tough going but well worth it

Can you take different ADHD meds that donīt increase your anxiety?

10-10-12, 04:41 PM
Thats a good point, during high school i saw a psychologist which helped somewhat. So im looking for a psychiatrist who can do that too, my last one I would just see for med checks.

And ive been working with my meds for about 4 years, at first i just took concerta until high school when i learned there were other options and that i hated it. Vyvanse does add some anxiety but I found it works the best for helping me focus and the adderall works best in addition with it and is least affective on my anxiety. I take adderall in the late afternoon/early evening but skip it occasionally if i feel i dont need it.
Also im 19 years old.

thank you

10-10-12, 04:49 PM
The thing with all these meds is that they are supposed to be prescribed in conjunction with behavioural therapies, not as stand alone treatments but I know that in the real world itīs different

Samantha Nicole
12-02-12, 12:43 AM
Benzos are extremely addicting, so its a no brainer as to why a doctor wouldnt feel comfortable putting you on a benzo. Try to google cogntivie behavioral therapy techniques or examples. Its all about changing the way you think of things. Ask your doctor about Strattera.