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10-11-12, 02:27 PM
I am having problems with my daughter an d homework. She is throwing tantrums. She's 7 years old. I feel like she is acting out of frustration and having trouble regulating her feelings. She is ADHD and borderline ODD as well. She is medicated at school and home. I've worked very hard with her over the summer. I hadn't had any really bad issues of defiance with her. But now that school is started back up the teachers insist that we get the schoolwork done. I feel like I am forced to implement punishments for bad behavior. The behavior being an unwillingness to do the schoolwork. Except I feel like I'm punishing her over something that she doesn't have much control over. Besides this is creating like a power struggle. I just feel like my persistence in her completing her work and my discipline is being counter productive. Her teacher feels that her outbursts are a result of my daughter wanting to hold on and control that part of her life. They feel that since the schoolwork that they send home with her is something that she CAN do. Plus she is able to do the work at school. They insist on me being consistent disciplining her. I'm so confused about what is causing my daughters outbursts and what to do about them and the schoolwork situation. Any advise or insight would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

10-11-12, 06:23 PM
I can totally relate to your post. My 8yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD Combined Type and Disorder of Written Expression in August. The homework situation has always been a struggle usually ending in one of us stomping off and tears shed.

Even after his diagnosis and meds, it is still a daily struggle. I'll let him decompress after school and set the expectations up front that he has to do at least a page of his homework before heading to his video games.

I find that if I repeatedly set those expectations and give him a little leeway during the process, he is much more amenable to the idea of the dreaded homework. There are still nights where it is a battle, but there are other nights where he just heads to the kitchen table and digs in with little to no coercion.

Good luck to you! I know how frustrating it can be.

10-12-12, 08:18 PM
We also have good periods with homework and then bad. If I could afford it, I'd hire someone to sit and do it with her. She does not act out with strangers.

10-12-12, 08:30 PM
Man, schools are harsh nowadays. I didn't get homework until I went to secondary school at age 12.

Can't offer any advice, but hope the situation improves for you both.