View Full Version : Happy Birthday to ME!!!

10-12-12, 12:47 AM
Yep, it's happening. I'm turning 50.

This dubious thrill will happen on Monday. A dear friend is flying in to "celebrate" with me.

*sigh* Time passages...

(Ref- Al Stewart)

10-12-12, 12:52 AM
Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have an excellent day!!

10-12-12, 01:42 AM
happy birthday tigs!!!! :D

it's so awesome to see you here tonight...was just thinking about you. ...hmmm oh1 becauae you left me stripey bouncy hello :D :D :D

love, love, love you and best birthday wishes!


i have a fun treat..i'll be back


*cutest most awesome* *animals* *ever*=fennec babies:


10-12-12, 01:51 AM

Hope it's a good one!!!!!! gonna be hard to top Peri's foxes though.....

10-12-12, 01:51 AM
Happy birthday man , play some good music , take a glass of your favorite beverage and it's time to celebrate :)

10-12-12, 01:54 AM
Nanners you are an angel!

Peri, you know I love you, girl!!!

LOVE that precious fox eared baby! So beautiful!!!


10-12-12, 01:56 AM
the super ******* cute one who's just like a tiny guy looking straight at you? number three, i think..or four...i know, right?! cutest little man ever :D

may you have the as festive of festivities as possible.

you should eat lots of cake. and mimosas. and bloodies. and bacon :D x

EDIT: correction, he's number five :)

10-12-12, 01:57 AM
Happy Birthday Tigger!

10-12-12, 01:59 AM
Sweet Code, I have an elderly single malt that I am reserving for the occasion. Looking forward to it, too!

BR, kittens and cute will always make me puddle. Tigger kittens are the best!!!

Thanks, everyone. Thanks for your support at a difficult time.

10-12-12, 02:02 AM
Peri, you know that fennic foxes are the most adorable critters EVER, right?

Number five is the BOMB!!!!!!

10-12-12, 02:09 AM
i know, RIGHT?!

i MUST have told you about the whole tokyo fennec fox incident en route to the lost in translation hotel, yeah?

like a sucker i was all...whoa! japanese pet store...and then this little guy was in there and i was BESIDE was all curled up and just..he just needed a person.

so i's trying to convert the yen and realized...**** that, i'm taking him; m will totally be cool with my spending ...however many thousands of yen once he sees.

then my friend realized he's prolly an endangered species...hard to smuggle in...

so relented...

turns out you can have them in the states...sadly...not in california.

i got to hold him though :D

the proprietor said they go (ignore that twinge about the whole ...where'd they fennec fox in japan...take a shot if needed;))...i'm sure he got a warm home :) too cute not to

10-12-12, 02:14 AM
That had to be SOOOOO hard!!!

In my small townhouse, two cats are crowded. I know in CA, the rules are even harder.

I am finding myself wanting to adopt a new baby. My challenge is what my girls would think of a new roomie.

Still... I want a new baby in the family.

10-12-12, 02:16 AM
Happy Birthday Tigger!

10-12-12, 02:17 AM
yeah..twas..but then friend was, like..seriously? how are you going to hide him through x ray? plus...didn't even want to investigate what'd they do if they confiscated him. i went back at the end of the week and he was he's snuggled up somewhere with his people ;)

10-12-12, 02:21 AM
maybe get a mid-sized to eight months instead of the two pound spay/neuter minimum. that way he'd be a respectable size instead of swat-away-able morsel...people i know with cats...older ones...if they're not into kittens...they just get themselves into high or otherwise awesome spot and ignore junior until simmers down :)

a new baby to play with sounds fun...i admit i'm totally a dog person...but DAMN kittens are cute and entertaining. :D

10-12-12, 02:23 AM
Hard, but the right thing.

It always amazes me that people think of us as being incapable of connecting, yet, we care so deeply.


Changing the subject... Which designer should I choose for the bag over my head???

10-12-12, 02:27 AM

bag over your head? :confused:

you mean bag like satchel...? why over head?


10-12-12, 02:33 AM
Happy Birthday :D

10-12-12, 02:36 AM
Given my questionable good looks, it just seems fitting to cover those little facial indiscretions with something that has a nice designer presence. I think of it as Botox on the cheap!

Although... I collect Coach bags and KNOW what that price point is. Botox MIGHT be cheaper!

I'm feeling decrepit...

10-12-12, 02:52 AM
Ugh don't sweat it. I hit 30 a few months ago,and *I* feel decrepit :cool:

10-12-12, 02:59 AM

you're triumphant!

hell, it shocked even me to get out of adolescence without lethally folding myself in a latest *yes..i didn't do THAT*: i managed to not fall off a cliff backward from sneezing on not just my new dork toy...but the product of my new company...being...i's like...faster than walking...but slow enough to be mocked for a long's like transportation equivalent of duck hunt. :p

it is nice when the universe offers up someone to be, like...ok..i'm not THAT guy.

but seriously....if i get to "old bag" can just do whatever the **** you want...and it's like..she's old...she gets a pass.

see....i'm thinking...what might i do? and i kinda want to run through the streets pretties...jsut becauar...tht's funny.

or i'd laugh at the thought of how that'd look if i saw it :p

i go do that right now=i'd get arrested for public intoxication....or mybe indecency...the other cool thing about being old is by all appearances you dno't have to wear pants anymore.

you'd get as far as you wanted..:p

you could run the park in your knickers and then demand discounts everywhere. oh..and you can say **** and get away with it.

i would adopt a set of stock phrases to amuse myself.

dang blasted....i'd say that...

dang gnabbit (who konws how that's spelled??why i went wtth the g...just seemed right)

holy ****!

you'll be like the pied piper of hipsters...saying **** that's so ironic it's not; so unironic it is...they'll do a like a kirk-trek femme bot wiring glitch and we'll have proof they really are bots :p're still needed to cleanly differentiate the **** from the bulllllshilt...

now you get to throw the whole...i give less than zero ****s thing...and instead of being thought blurty and impulsive for cutting to the chase're acknowledged as saying what everyone is thinking...and it's ok because now you're wise.


10-12-12, 03:04 AM
oops weird superstition about not wishing people in advance. Anyway have a great day and I'll be back with birthday hugs and wishes on Monday. :)

10-12-12, 03:28 AM jules

10-12-12, 04:18 AM
Tig, here's to hoping you'll have a wonderful birthday. On Monday.....:)

10-12-12, 06:04 AM
Happy Birthday Tigger! Wow 50! Well done!!!

10-12-12, 06:42 AM
You know... we may not even have ADHD. It could a case of Libras-are-****awesome-itus!

Happy Birthday!

10-12-12, 07:21 AM (

Buying you a ticket on the last train home Monday night! (Now I'm gonna be singing that song all day...)

10-12-12, 09:33 AM
Happy Birthday for Monday Tigger :). It's my birthday soon too, well... Actually it's after midnight in Australia now so it's technically today.

10-12-12, 12:49 PM
Time plots against me once again!

Peri, because I am- as usual- pressed for time, I will have to respond to your ******* AWESOME POST later tonight.

Fuzz, I totally understand the superstition so I will not read your post until Monday.

Jules, that graphic is splendiferous! I am planning to print it and hang it somewhere I can't miss it. And possibly my Facebook page.

(((hugs))) Sarek. On Monday... :)

Tudor, if Peri is correct, this means that EVERYTHING I do from the 15th on is FABULOUS! I sure hope she's right...

Drew, I love the way you think and believe that you are absolutely correct. Amberwillow will agree, I think!

Dvls, not that song is stuck in MY head too! Birthday pressie, perhaps???

Happy Birthday Amber! May the memories you make today be only happy ones!

Love you guys! Yeah, I said it. Mean it, too!

10-12-12, 02:32 PM
aww happy early birthday, Tigger :D

If I remember, I'll be back to wish you happy birthday again on Monday

10-12-12, 03:10 PM
Happy birthday for Monday!

10-12-12, 06:15 PM
Happy Birthday Tigger!!

Did you know that the Chihuahua is most likely related to the fennic fox??

Selena :grouphug:Peri, you know that fennic foxes are the most adorable critters EVER, right?

Number five is the BOMB!!!!!!

10-12-12, 06:34 PM
0h w0o0w!! C0nGrAtuLaTi0nZ :cool::)

10-12-12, 06:40 PM
Happy and most wondrous, thrilling, exciting, fun, enjoyable, tremendous birthweek ever!!! May every day of this year be even more happy than your happiest day.... or at the very least second happiest day!


Ms. Mango
10-14-12, 08:47 PM ( Happy Birthday Tigger! Hope it's a wonderful one!

10-15-12, 05:50 AM
happy official birthday :) x

10-15-12, 06:03 AM
Happy Monday your Awesumness!

10-15-12, 07:18 AM
Happy Birthday Tigger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-15-12, 10:24 AM
Happy Birthday Tigger!

10-15-12, 10:35 AM
Biggest ~ Brightest ~ Bestest ~ Birthday Wishes Ever !!!

10-15-12, 10:41 AM

10-15-12, 11:36 AM
My dearest Tigger

Wishing you peace in this coming year. You are an incredible role model to me, and your beautiful spirit is only out done by your wisdom and understanding. Sending the warmest of hugs and the cowpuppy sends a great big wet slurp!

Happy Freakin' Birthday!!!

10-15-12, 01:03 PM
Happy Birthday Tigger. Hope you are having an amazing day!!!!!!

:) :grouphug: :)

10-15-12, 02:24 PM
Happy Birthday Tigger!!! May this year be filled with a peaceful heart for you. You are loved.

10-15-12, 04:06 PM
My dear Tigger .......well, as usual I am late with everything ....but I hope you had a decent birthday ....I know that it couldn't really be a happy one.....but I CAN and do hope that the coming year eases up for you ....

and that things and the fates turn a kinder face to you certainly have paid more dues than your share these last couple of ? .....The bad stuff should go and find someone else to ride .....

meant this to be more cheerful, and I couldn't wait any long to send you good wishes.....but well, my state of mind is not exactly chipper right now....sorry kiddo.....

I hope this coming decade is a whole lot smoother.....

10-15-12, 10:48 PM
Happy birthday :)

I thought for a moment that I missed it completely, but seems as always I can slide in just before deadline.

I'd raise a glass of Lagavullin in your honor, but I think it'll have to wait till the weekend.

10-15-12, 10:49 PM
Belated HB

U r still a kid.



10-15-12, 11:03 PM
Happy Birthday, Tig!!! :)


10-16-12, 12:01 AM
Happy Birthday, Ms. T-I-double "G" ERRR!

10-19-12, 04:21 PM
You guys KNOW I love you all, right???

In a move that should surprise no one, I have decided to continue celebrating this birthday for the rest of the month...

Thank you to everyone for EVERYTHING!!! Yours are the hearts that make this place magical.


10-19-12, 05:14 PM
Sounds like . . . a plan! :lol:

ps . . . love you too!

10-20-12, 10:01 AM
Yeeehaaa! Good. I'm glad that I didn't entirely miss it. Happy b-day, Tigg, and it's good to see you returning to your old self a bit!

10-20-12, 10:22 AM
for the ongoing celebration.....
notice the cupcakes for easier sharing :D

12-13-12, 07:57 PM
I just broke out the Lagavulin 16yr in celebration of surviving my first semester teaching, and thought of you. Happy one month anniversary?

12-13-12, 09:01 PM
Just noticed this thread again, and thought, Oh crap, did I miss it? Nope, I posted. LOL

Anyway, my mom is 50 today!

12-14-12, 07:05 PM

Sorry for being late Tigger :)

I hope you're over 18 cause it's good and frozen ;)