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10-14-12, 01:12 PM
Hey Guys,
About 2 years ago I got my diagnose. Finding the right level of medication took some time, but now I got it. However, what I found harder was;

1) learning how long the diffrent types lasted (taking both Concerta and Ritalin)
2) Remembering when I took the medication

This was very troublesome as I got large "hang-over" when the medication wore off. By a row of misfortunes this eventually caused me to get a warning letter from my work place.

In order to get it straight I made two apps for my android. One to help me find out how long my medication is in effect, and one to "remind" me before the medication wears off - so I can be alone or take appropriate precautions. Both a very simple to use and are mostly aimed at people who get really bad hang-overs, otherwise it can be hard to know when the medication wears off and hence, hard to set the appropriate timer. They are with pictures.

As I told some people about this on the danish ADHD forum they asked if they could have them, so I've made them "generic" and uploaded them to Google-Store. Since some people at the danish ADHD-site were happy with them I thought perhaps would be relevant for other people as well.

However, I will not post the link or name of the apps as they cost 1$ - what I would like to know, is if someone here think it would be relevant for them. In that case I will ask the moderators/admins of the forum for permission to post a link.

Let me know,