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10-15-12, 12:31 AM
Glad someone decided to ask the children themselves how they felt about ADD/HD and medications.

ana futura
10-15-12, 02:26 AM
Interesting! The kids' observations really match up with my own.

10-15-12, 03:02 AM
I thought the same thing.

10-15-12, 08:34 AM
Interesting article there are a number of ways you can interpret this for instance

"Ian, a 12 year-old in a lower-middle-class suburb of a major east coast US city, has been on a variety of drugs for ADHD in the last three years. "I forget things a lot and I have trouble focusing and being mature," he told researchers. "That means I'm not doing my work like I'm supposed to. The last time I felt good about my behavioUr was when I got all Bs and Cs on like my gradecard, except for one D. That was a few weeks ago. My mom freaked out she was so happy. I want to keep doing better."

to me it seems like the words of his mother rather than his own, and he is happy because she is happy and wants to please her. This is normally true of kids anyway, they donīt work hard at school or even go to school because they want to, itīs just to please other people but as they mature they want to do well because they choose to (or not).

another child

"It's like sometimes I feel really cross with other people and I just want to go lashing, lashing out," he said. "[Other children at school] know they can wind me up easily so they do it again and again and I can't walk away that easy ... if I get punched, I have to fight back. Teachers are not effective. They don't help. In the future I guess I want to be less naughty.

Itīs not naughty to defend yourself and fight back, bullies deserve a slap from their victims, especially as lots of schools do nothing to address this.

10-17-12, 07:14 AM
Yesss! I saw this study on another site and thought that there was finally something good to post in the News & Media section for a change :)

As for the bullies, I totally agree that they deserve their comeuppance, but it's also a great thing to be able to decide whether or not to deliver it rather than impulsively lashing out:

Children said the drugs gave them a time and space to consider their reaction to things that could make them behave aggressively. "They said what a great thing it is to have a bully come up to you in the playground and not react impulsively but have a moment to think, 'what do I do next?'," said Singh.

10-17-12, 09:09 AM
Very interesting. Now we need a study to find out why kids 14 and over
choose not to take the meds to treat ADHD.

My 14 year old granddaughter decided at the end of school last year to
stop taking her Adderall and managed to get through driver's ed and get
her driver's license over the summer without meds.

But now that she's back in school, a freshman in high school, she's really
struggling in some areas. But she still doesn't want to take the meds.