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10-17-12, 02:00 PM

This is my first time posting but I am sure it won't be my last. I am the Mom of 3 boys ages 8, almost 7 and 5. Within the past year all were diagnosed with ADHD the last being my oldest who was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I have lots of questions about lots of things but at this point in time it is my Kindergartener who keeps me up at night with worry. Here goes....

He has had one year of preschool. Evaluations for him started in Oct of last year and by Jan had an IEP getting every service and Going to school five days a week 5 hours each day. He did OK but obviously had issues with impulsivity and distractibility. We live in NY so at the end of the year I learned he would need to start Kindergarten to continue to receive services. Not my choice but I understood...he needs services. I made it clear I would want him to repeat K. We all agreed and then Sept came. Our district has 1/2 K but since he has an IEP he goes full day. He gets on the bus at 8 his morning class is 6 students 1 teacher, 1 aide. He gets all his services in the morning. There is about a one hour 15 minute break for lunch/recess before the afternoon session starts. He then goes to an intergrated co-taught class. 21 kids, 1 regular teacher, 1 spec ed, 1 aide. He gets off the bus at 3:30 and has homework from the regular class.

This is the problem....

He was 4 when he started He turned five the end of Sept. He is bright, not above average IQ but bright and catches on to things quickly. He has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, although the SPD isn't officially diagnosed. Since the second week of school he has been getting "in trouble" out of seat, taking things, disrupting during circle time, crawling around, name calling, kicking, pinching, pushing. Not all in one day but a few a day for the last few weeks. They started a behavior chart and it comes home each day with comments regarding aggression and disruption but he still earns reward. He lost reward once. I will say they are trying but he is very impulsive and a huge sensory seeker. his teacher has mentioned a smaller class to me a few times but he cannot be moved there until the complete a Functional Behavioral Assessment...the meeting for that is the end of Nov. At home he has become impossible. He is angry, defiant, out of control sensory seeking and making homelife miserable. His brothers isolate him and are fearful of his actions. he has become more explosive then he was and I honestly feel he is sad. He was caught stealing reward coins from school to bring home to me to make me think he did well:(. He talks about the reward chart at school all the time. I feel terrible for him but his out of control behavior makes it so hard to be sympathetic. I don't know what to do...

My thoughts....

I don't want him in Kindergarten but I don't know where to send him. He just turned five! If it wasn't for this IEP he wouldn't even be in K. The school district says they will work with me but I know it takes time. They want to figure out what is best based on the FBA and whatever they come up with next. I feel the longer I wait the more damage I am doing to him emotionally. He is smart enough to know he isn't doing well...and he isn't doing well, behaviorally anyway...academically he is fine.

Do I...

-send him only in the morning...small group...but not a lot of kids in that class are raising the bar for him behaviorally anyway.
- Wait it out and see what happens with the FBA?
-We looked at a Montessori school today. It was better then where he is now but I do have concerns about whether he would become disruptive there although the way the day is structured it is less likely and it would only be 3 hours compared to the 7.5 he is away now.

I don't even have any other ideas but I feel time is of the essence and want to make the best decision possible. If anyone could guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate. Thanks for taking the time to read:)


10-17-12, 06:10 PM
The Montessori program may be a good choice for him, since it is a very hands on approach to learning and kids are able to move around much more freely in the classroom, at least in a traditional Montessori classroom.

Can you go and observe a class at the Montessori school?

If you consider a move, I would talk with the director of the program and explain the poor fit that is occurring in traditional K and what challenges your son is having.

10-18-12, 09:43 AM
We did go see a Montesorri. I did like it and so did he but I am afraid he may end up showing the same behaviors there too. He got another not so good report yesterday...running, pushing. He hates Kindergarten...WHAT!!! Kids are supposed to love kindergarten....Trying not to be over reactive but I just want him to be happy...He is to little to hate school...the road ahead is long....