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10-20-12, 11:56 PM
First post here, and I hope it is the suitable place for this thread since this forum is massive!!

I am 34 yrs old now, and have dealt with ADD all my life. Was diagnosed when I was 6, put on ritalin and dexadrine and around the time I was 13 dropped the meds since I had outgrown my hyperactive and disruptive tendancies. In my adult life, the ADD is still there and I have learned to notice, and control the negatives, while the positive effects have created huge success in specific areas of my life.

I found this forum after discovering the odd effects that cocaine has on me. It was the 3rd time in my life (I never really got into drugs at all) , and after reading through multitude of forums discovered the reverse affects for ADD sufferers. It was weird to find out that coke actually calms me down and makes me focus...on the comedown I got really jittery, anxious and restless. It reminded me of the effect that wellbutrin had on me. I had a massive bout of depression through my divorce and tried out wellbutrin and citalopram. One of my parents had depression and alcoholism, so this does not suprise me. Reading the forums I also discovered that depression is a symptom of ADD, which I did not know. I did not like the edginess and anxiety the drugs gave me, and it severly affected my confidence and communication skills with others at work. I dropped them, went cold turkey, and moved on with life successfully.

There are good days and bad days - dealing with waves of alternating beaming confidence and low self esteem. I have managed to live like this for years without giving in to drugs or alcohol (surprising since addiction is in my family) I get my high oddly enough from achieving goals and being fiercely competitive. In the brain (or my brain at least) this helps offset the chemical imbalance and gives me my happy times. In the last year or so, I have gotten concerned since my short term memory has really gone to **** (It was always bad but not this bad). I will be having a conversation with a friend at lunch, drift off in my own thoughts for 10 or 15 seconds, only to snap back to reality, and ask the same question 5 minutes later in the conversation. That part of the conversation was never logged into my brain cause I drifted off into la la land...kinda scary.

I have also had 2 separate episodes of massive panic attacks at work. Both in similar high pressure situations, (placement of bolts to the milimeter hours before they pour concrete mix into the form), and both were triggered when I started to second guess my own work...confidence gets shot to **** and it all spirals downhill from there. I now find myself very, very uneasy in these situations and actively avoid taking on those jobs, in fear of screwing up again. I have never dealt with this before in my life...and suddenly it manifests itself.

Anyways....back to the subject. Stupid ADD lol! I figure I am going to give Addarall a try, but first I want to get feedback on what else works for people. I have heard to amp up your vitamins and supplements including vitamin B. Coffee is effective for me as a wake up and to keep me alert and focused through the day. I do not drink a lot and I often nurse an entire cup until mid afternoon. Some one mentioned to me that they put a dash of cocaine in their coffee...not enough to get high but enough to keep you awake on a long shift. I am looking for something that will target my inattentiveness and stop my daydreaming. I also do long shifts and quite a bit of highway driving so something that will keep me alert is key. After doing a lot of reading it appears that stimulants are hit and miss. I have tried epinephrine in the past and caffeine pills, but I feel really edgy when they wear off. Let me emphasize that I am not looking for a high!! But since every ADD'er is unique, some things that work for some may not work for others. So I am looking to experiment with something "non mainstream" before resorting to Adderall, and possibly reverting back to Ritalin.

10-21-12, 06:48 AM
Unfortunately there are no natural vitamins or supplements that have been proven to treat adhd. The only thing I have heard that can possibly help would be fish oil.

10-21-12, 08:40 AM
Straterra is an alternative but it has a whole host of urinary and sexual side effects.

Wellbutrin by itself is one a lot of doctors prescribe before trying stimulants.

Sometimes Prozac is prescribed, since it's an activating SSRI.

Exercise is always good and helps.