View Full Version : Rock Center Story on Adderall

10-21-12, 10:44 AM
Did anyone else catch the story during ADHD Awareness week that just happened to be about people abusing Adderall in college? It was disappointing because they made one off hand comment about some people can really be helped by these drugs. But most of the time it was how adderall is called the "college crack". Really? It was awareness week. Couldn't they have aired a story on kids and adults with ADHD and how soemtimes it's missed in school until people are in college? Argh!

10-21-12, 11:44 AM


At the bare minimum, it's poorly timed. More likely, they just don't give a rat's tuchus how ignorant the majority of Americans are about ADHD... they want their ratings and that's all that matters.