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10-22-12, 04:19 PM
My doctor bumped me up on this a couple weeks ago. Ever since I have been easily annoyed at anything. It was originally prescribed for adhd, but then I got adderall. I don't know what it is. Anyone else?

10-22-12, 04:36 PM
Lamictal is an anticonvulsant [epilepy med] with mood stabilising properties used in the treatment of bipolar disorder and depressive disorders that are resistant to traditional antidepressants like SSRI's and tricyclics.

I've never heard of it being prescribed for ADHD :confused:

10-22-12, 04:39 PM
Apparently "impulse control" it does about completly nothing!

ana futura
10-22-12, 07:48 PM
There are some doctors that use mood stabilizers and anti-convulsants for ADHD, but as far as I know only in conjunction with stimulant meds. Dr. Amen divides ADHD into 6 different types. I don't think many professionals use his type theory, but I know he advises using mood stabilizers for what he calls "ring of fire" ADHD. It's possible that your doctor is a fan.

Do you have issues with depression? He might be trying to stabilize your mood before putting you on stimulants. Sometimes stimulants can make mood issues worse. From what little I know about pharmacology (which is very little), it does sound like it makes more sense to use something like lamictal together with a stimulant, instead of using an ssri with a stimulant.

It's not supposed to worsen your mood, maybe it's not for you.

10-22-12, 08:03 PM
Ok thanks.

10-23-12, 12:01 AM
You should find out if he is an Amen fan, and if so run like hell.
Amen basically things every other psych condition is some "type" of ADHD.

"Ring of Fire" ADHD is basically mild to moderate bipolar which Amen has decided to call ADHD.

10-23-12, 12:02 AM
Okf thats food

10-27-12, 03:59 AM
I agree with Abi. I've never heard of Lamictal being prescribed for ADHD. I've heard it's one of the only 3 approved bi polar meds by the FDA.
I started it 2 weeks ago after my pdoc finally diagnosed me as bi polar and ADD inattentive and I feel like a completely different person, in a good way. So far it's the best one- after trying many different meds and being mis diagnosed over the years, I've never felt better than now. I'm lucky and so far don't have any side effects.

10-30-12, 09:00 PM
Lamictal is **** to me, it does nothing and my doctor lied to me in order to prescribe it. He said it was for impulsivity and then later he said i have "irritable mood cycling." It does nothing for adderall induced mood swings though :/

07-23-13, 12:04 AM
ADHD and on Lamictal here, but I'm used to being weird. From what I've read Lamictal is better for depressive episodes rather than manic episodes.

If the Bipolar discussion becomes relevant to ADHD my doctor uses Geodon.

I'm not sure when it becomes relevant, but she also uses Ramelteon.

She has a very successful track record so she must be doing something right.

Pdocs in my state also love off-label uses.

12-20-13, 02:23 AM
If he can't give you a straight answer as to why he prescribed it, than consider seeing another Psychiatrist whose more honest. Sometimes, you have to look around until you find a good Pdoc.

02-08-14, 05:00 AM
It does have an off label use for ADHD, though not likely to be used for it due to the limited studies. Most of the studies showed it improved calculation speed. How much that helps ADHD...who knows.

Doctors generally don't deviate from the norm unless they have a good reason. He may not be ignorant if he is willing to stake a mal practice law suit on it doing something to help.

He may see more of an emotional ADHD that can look and possibly be close to bipolar vs depression and therefore see that as his rationale. But I don't know.

Personally I notice lamotrigine helps with a lot of the cross chatter in my head that I thought was ADHD but was actually more bipolar. Things feel more clear. Though I just started on it.

03-11-14, 06:20 PM
Well 37 days later and I'll reassure you, you are not an unusual case, it made me agitated between 150mgs to 200mgs. But I am bipolar w/ adhd.

When I got to around 300 that went away but a certain strange feeling has occurred. Where I have trouble recognizing simple objects or words. My memory seems fine but it's like I look at words and the letters don't make sense anymore. I can still write and spell, but I feel like I'm looking at pictorial art than a word.Almost like i'm seeing the objects or words for the first time and having to reidentify them again.

It's not like a "rabbit found glasses" scenario but more like I forgot what these things are and because my long term and short term memory are fine, I have to reteach myself.

The upside of that, is that I make far fewer spelling errors now, since I am finding I misspelled many words before.

Anyways, I am not sure what to tell you in regards to the agitation. One theory is that if you take away depression first, all you have left is mania. Mania can often be anger. This tends to be why anti depressants conflict with bipolar types.

Often treatment resistant depression or adhd are comorbid cases/ cyclothymia or unipolar alone.

300mgs did take away the mania and depression for me which is why I think my agitation was bipolar related.

Just food for thought