View Full Version : anything to supplement with desoxyn?

10-23-12, 12:41 PM
I started taking desoxyn a month or so ago for my adhd, 20mg a day. It doesnt seem to have to same kind of effects that adderall had with me in terms of being motivated to study and focus on school related stuff. It definetly has its moments, but the last week or two I have just felt kind of tired and demotivated to the point that it is causing more distraction than help.
I have been reading around and seeing if there is anything else I could supplement with it to perhaps get better results.
~I took a few tums this morning as I heard that halped adsorb more of it into my blood stream.
~I saw people mention tyrosine as something to take along with it, but in my sleepy state of doing research on my phone last night, I can't recall if it said it is safe to take both at once, or if tyrosine should only be taken once off desoxyn. If it is safe to take while using it, what is a good dose to start off with?
~Has anyone taken it with strattera or one of the other non amphedimines to increase concentration? I saw somewhere else, also, someone was taking desoxyn with dexedrine and having good results, should this be something I should consider?

Does anyone else have any other reccomendations for me, as to how I could get a little extra "kick" out of it, without having to go back and ask my dr for more? I'm not looking for the high, I just want to be able to sit down and read something for longer than 5 minutes before losing all train of thought.

10-29-12, 05:14 PM
Tums are a bad idea. They increase absorption, strongly potentiate effects, and decrease the duration of therapeutic action while increasing side-effects.

Desoxyn could be the best drug for ADHD were it not for a long list of complicating factors. Despite being more "potent" it actually feels much less potent than Dexedrine or Adderall. Doctors don't prescribe doses high enough to actually increase concentration and motivation, if they prescribe it at all. I LOVED how smooth Desoxyn was, but it did not motivate me or increase my concentration nearly as much as other amphetamines. In hindsight, I would say that the primary benefits I was receiving from it were anti-deppressant in nature.

I did at one point use Dexedrine Spansules in the morning and Desoxyn in the afternoon, which I really enjoyed, because taking the Desoxyn almost gave me an evening vacation from stimulants without having to abandon all executive functioning.

However, for simplicity's sake, I would reccomend returning to what has worked before and leaving Desoxyn behind. I hate Adderall, and get much better effects from Dexedrine, which is a perfect middle ground between Adderall and Desoxyn.