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10-23-12, 07:24 PM
I am so incredibly ****** off right now! :mad:

If you do not know, my oldest is 11 and diagnosed fourish years ago. She has attended the same school since kindergarten, until this school year. She showed major improvement in school once beginning medication (four years ago). She still struggled in math, and we used an outside tutor for periods of time as needed. Her teachers continually assured me she was doing fine and moving along well over the years.

We moved last spring and were stoked to find out we were moving into the "best" school district. This particular school has major funding by very rich residents. Several of the surgeons I work for, have their children attending this school. The school has great music and art programs and basically high academia all around. We were happy that she would get at least one year here, as she heads off to junior high next year.

Ok, to the point. Her teacher called me yesterday with some concerns. She said she feels like she is two grade levels behind in math!!! I asked (more like howled) how is this possible? How could her past teachers push her through? What about all of the tutoring?

The good thing is, the teacher is going to have her evaluated and figure out a plan for her at school. She will get the extra help she needs, longer testing times, etc. Things that were certainly never offered to me.

But how could the old school do this? The teachers lied to my face? It was easier for them to just push her through than deal with the issue at hand?
If we hadn't moved, she would have been pushed through one more time, and dumped into junior high 2 to 3 years behind??

OK. I feel a little better getting it out.

10-24-12, 03:34 PM
Some schools (especially in more affluent neighborhoods) follow an advanced curriculum compared to the average public school. It sounds as though you have been doing all the right things by getting your dd the extra help she has needed. Some people just aren't math oriented. I would suggest you continue with the tutor, and also put some positive focus on the subjects she enjoys and does better at.

My ds does well with math and science, but he has a hard time with english (especially interpreting what he reads and being able to write a good report). It has always been his worst subject. We acknowledge his struggles, try to help as much as possible, but focus more on how well he is doing in his other subjects.

10-24-12, 09:04 PM
Thanks ccom, for your response. Yes, I will continue to focus on getting her help in this area. I haven't even told her yet what the teacher said. They are going to set up some sort of evaluation soon to find out exactly where she is. I know in the long run this will be a very good thing. It was just a shock that she was so far behind. I worry about how she will react to possibly having to leave the classroom to go to a "special" math class.

Interesting that your son struggles with English, as this is where my daughter thrives.

Thanks for listening to my rant! :D