View Full Version : Funny thing happened to me at the dr today

10-24-12, 09:37 AM
I'm posting this in a funny way, but I'm really upset.

I had a dr's appt early this morning and one thing led to another, my general practitioner gave me a mood evaluation because I don't see my psych n e more. When she came back and looked at my results, THIS ( was her reaction.

I'm now on a stronger anti depressant and a mood stabilizer. She made me promise 3 times that I wouldn't hurt or kill myself.

It was kinda funny and a relief at the time, but now I'm down about it (and the fact I messed up our finances even worse in the past 2 months).

10-24-12, 09:41 AM

I'm sorry about your finances but I hope the meds will start helping soon. :grouphug:

10-24-12, 10:21 AM
Me too. There isn't anyone I know online who I can talk to which is kinda hard for me.