View Full Version : Lengthy article about the past ADHD medication shortages--Interesting read

10-26-12, 04:50 PM
So yesterday I found a new website that I have started to like very much... it has tons of information articles about all sorts of things that I like (I love to jam on the internet just reading things for hours :o)

And I came across this article, I was a little taken back because it surprised me how much thorough information the writer put into it... and sort of because of the tone I get from reading it. You can tell the author is anti-Big Pharma/against medicating children by the masses...

I was wondering if any one else had seen this before? I realize it was written November 2011 (if I remember correctly) but regardless of that anyway, I found it -some what- insightful to read about what goes on behind closed doors in the Prescription World :doh: t_american_adderall_drought