View Full Version : ADHD in Massachusetts

10-26-12, 08:15 PM
I have suffered with ADHD ever since I can remember. I Have recently went to a Psychiatrist after spending quite a while off meds. I told him what was troubling me and that adderall had helped in the past. He proceded to ignore me and prescribe me vyvanse. This medication is the worst ADD med I have ever been on. I told him this and he basically said I was just looking to "get a rush" and gave me another script for vyvanse and told me to leave, Actually he asked me for his $20 co-pay and then told me to leave. If anyone out there lives in Boston or the South Shore area please let me know if you know any doctors that will listen to me or have any advice. I was diagnosed at a young age so its all in my records. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanx.