View Full Version : Dietary and lifestyle approaches i have found effective for both ADHD, and depression

10-30-12, 12:54 PM
After a lot of experimenting, i have found the following to be very helpful. I don't claim it is a replacement for medication or other therapies and YMMV, but for me, what i've been doing is working pretty dang good. I currently am not taking medication for either. I suffer from ADHD-PI and transient depression (it comes and goes and usually lasts no longer than a few weeks tops)

1. Increase the amount of animal protein you consume, specifically things high in tyrosine. Chicken, eggs, and fish seems to be the best here. This has made a more profound difference than anything i have tried and has greatly reduced my symptoms. Tyrosine converts to dopamine, and yes, it is effective and i can usually notice the effects within a few hours after consumption. When i say increase i mean INCREASE IT BY A LOT. Double or even triple the amount of protein you eat currently. If you prefer not to eat that much meat, whey protein works just as well.

2. Consider supplementing with a multi-vitamin, specifically one with a complete B-vitamin profile. MAKE SURE IT CONTAINS A HEFTY AMOUNT OF B-12.

3. Considering drinking coffee (note: if you suffer anxiety, be cautious with this, as it may make it worse). 3 times a day seems to be a good amount. One-two cups in the morning, one with lunch, one with dinner. Avoid coffee 6 hours prior to bedtime if you have trouble sleeping.

4. Pay attention to how much dietary fat you consume. TOO LITTLE SEEMS TO BE A BAD THING. You need at a minimum .5g of fat per lb of body weight. if you weigh 150lbs you need to eat 75g of fat per day. Too little fat will negatively impact the production of things like testosterone and estrogen, which leads to depression, loss of motivation, etc.

1. Consider either sleeping more or sleeping less. Some people just need more sleep to function best. Personally i have found less than 9 hours is not enough for me. If you are sleeping MORE than you need due to depression, this could potentially make it worse. By more i mean someone sleeping 10-12hours a day simply because they are too depressed to get out of bed. DON'T DO THAT. Force yourself to get out of bed and be productive, even though it seems hard.

2. Always find something productive to do each day. Even if it's cleaning your house, paying bills, etc. It helps stave off depression.

3. Create a goal and stick to it. If you create a long term goal, especially with those with adhd, create multiple short term goals that will help you accomplish that goal.

That's all i have for now, it may seem simple, but its actually very effective.