View Full Version : Adderall with Bipolar/questions...

10-31-12, 07:24 AM
I suffer from some mood issues, mainly irritability, my doctor thinks brought on by depression, anxiety and ADD inattentive. I can't take high doses of moodstabilizers and I cannot tolerate antidepressents due to side effects. Wellbutrin is out - makes me nuts.

I take Trileptal and a tiny dose of Lithium at dinner. But I am still having problems with motivation, energy, etc. My doctors think my ADD isn't being addressed.

I mentioned to my pdoc and my regular doc that Adderall XR 5mg tends to make me a little hyper, then when it wears off irritable. (I'm a very light weight when it comes to meds!)

My pdoc said it makes me irritable because it wears off. But it has to wear off sometime, doesn't it?

My regular doc said that I am not taking enough. She said that I should take 5mg XR about 6:30/7:00 am and then another 5mg XR around lunchtime. She said this would put off the let down until later in the evening maybe avoiding the irritability and also avoiding the hyperness.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is this true? My regular doc says I just haven't been taking enough.

The first ADD med I took was Vyvanse and I loved it, but I was up for days on end and couldn't sleep. I had to stop it for my own sanity. It was too strong - thus the low dose Adderall.

I've tried Ritalin - did nothing except upset my stomach really bad. Concerta hurt my bladder. My regular doc is really pushing Adderall on me and says that until I get my ADD under control I won't feel right.

I need to do something. The Trileptal and Lithium help me, but I have lost my enthusiasm, creativity and energy. I know I need to take something. Maybe she's right that I'm not taking enough Adderall. Maybe that 2nd dose would do the trick. Otherwise, I need someone to send me money for the constant trips I am making to Starbucks!

Opinions for this lightweight? What do you think?