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10-31-12, 03:26 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm new here and would like some advice from anyone actively getting treatment in Spain. Could you direct me to a doctor that can diagnose adult ADHD. What can I expect (language barrier), what are the costs etc. Any information or help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

10-31-12, 06:21 PM

The national health psychiatrist my son saw was a total a**hole and made me feel like the worst mother in the world so I found a private one.

With myself I went privately. I knew I wanted a woman and one under the age of 45. I just felt I would get a more sympathetic hearing. To my surprise she diagnosed me on the first appointment. I speak Spanish so I was able to communicate fairly well. I would suggest you take someone with you if you are worried about communication. She started me on concerta and so far I am doing ok.

If you look at clinics on the internet you might be able to find a clinic with an adhd specialist (TDAH). I have sent you a link that I have found. It´s not a recommendation but if you don´t speak Spanish there is info in English and there is a page regarding adhd in adults.

I´m just reading it and realised why I was diagnosed so quickly. It says that many adults are diagnosed at the same as their children when they often realise that they share the same symptons or the doc takes a history of the parents.

Could luck. Message me if I can be of any more help to you regarding national health system etc.

12-25-12, 08:05 PM
Nice to find this page! Haven't found much of the like - with Spain based participants. ¿Would anyone please recommend any other forums, groups, or sites in Spain or with Spain based participants?

I agree with SquarePeg - seeing doctors in Spain is a little...complicated. From telling my friend she'd get pregnant by eating slower to telling me to give up dancing because my knee's an adventure. BUT, occasionally, ya get lucky - and I agree that requesting a younger doctor is a good idea - it's made a world of difference for me.
My general doctor (public) gave me an appointment for the psychiatrist and - It didn't even take 5 minutes to place my ADHD. We started with a lower dosage (36) and then up to 56. I believe there are only 2 options in Spain - Concerta which you take once a day, and something else but you have to take throughout the day - (which I think is a conflict of ideas in our case, but...). The higher the dosage, the higher the cost. the 56 is about 96€ and with the medical card, I pay about 40€ each month.
As far as anything beyond medication, like therapy, not likely - on a public level, but then again due to the possible cultural differences, that might be best.

I was diagnosed and medicated as a child but have been un-medicated until just over a year ago. I decided to start again because I was all over the place...only to discover how intense an affect ADHD had on so many aspects of my life I never even recognized! I kept away from medication because I generally dont' like drugs, and the long term effects of this drug are scary. Until recently, I didn't realize there were different non-medicated ways of dealing with it and I wish I'd known before. If I ever get my act together I'd like to work my way off of it...It'll be a while, but in the meantime I leave a link for those who haven't started meds or looking for alternative ways (it's in spanish):
And two others that I find interesting about ADHD/ADD (in english):

Good Luck :)