View Full Version : Free 11th Annual LD & ADHD Resource Fair

10-31-12, 05:09 PM
For those in the greater Toronto area, there is a FREE 11th Annual Learning Disabilities & ADHD Resource Fair. We are going tomorrow, November 1 (12-8 PM) to the Mississauga Convention Centre. There are 23 exhibitors, so we are going to find out as much as we can about neurofeedback, Arrowsmith Program, Davis Attention Mastery and Dyslexia Correction Programs, The Listening Centre, Brain Gym, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Disability Tax Credit, and ADHD summer camps.

11-21-13, 02:23 PM
Just like last year's informative fair, I will be attending the "12th Annual Resource Fair and Speakers Corner Conference" today. It is at The Garden Banquet & Convention Centre, 8 Clipper Court, Brampton until 6:30 PM.

The speakers include topics such as "Nutritional Tools for ADHD." I am hoping that my spouse will change her mind and willingly go to the "Nurturing our Children, Nurturing Ourselves: An Introduction to Mindful Parenting" seminar while I go to the exhibitors to get educated on things such as Registered Disability Savings Plan, family trusts and estate planning.