View Full Version : Just moved to Memphis, TN area

11-05-12, 05:04 PM
Hi All,

This is my first time posting and I'm seeking out help where I think I can best find it - on this forum. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!

I was diagnosed with ADHD 4 years ago. Since then, I have moved cities twice and had to switch doctors. My last doctor abruptly left the practice right when I decided to move, so I was unable to ask her suggestions for doctors in the Memphis, TN area when I decided to relocate once again.

My diagnosis has been the same with both doctors I've seen, the only difference was the medication I prescribed. My first doctor, who originally diagnosed me and who I saw for 3 years, had me on dexedrine. My last doctor had me on Adderall. Both prescribed extended release capsules.

I'm seeking a doctor in the Memphis TN or surrounding area to help continue treatment. I can contact my first doctor with his initial reports surrounding my diagnosis if necessary to help me get treatment.

If anyone has any suggestions on who to see or, in the off chance, who not to see - I would love to hear them. Also, and this may sound like a weird question - but what type of doctors have the ability to prescribe for ADHD? I've heard from several different people that I can only see a psychiatrist but I've also heard that a general practioner may also do so.

Thank you, and hello!