View Full Version : Do people with add/adhd have that one sunjsct that they just bomb in

discplaced mind
11-08-12, 12:19 AM
It seems like math is my achilles heel with my other classes i understand them but math i just go completly blank i understand what the instructor is saying but when i do it myself i go completly blank anyone else have this type of problome

11-08-12, 04:35 AM
For me math was the big killer too. It sunk pretty much all my ambitions of the time and forced me to chose an entirely different career path.

11-08-12, 04:42 AM
Have you thought about private tuition? My daughter used to have this problem, she would see numbers and I think she would freeze, thinking she didnīt understand numbers.

She had a private tutor and was able to improve, however at school she had the same problem again, not understanding. It seems that she needs the presence of someone that she trusts in order to trust herself with maths. If her tutor is there all the time she does very well. Or it could be that her private teacher is giving her "triggers" which then prompt her to remember.

She also used to find that although she didnīt understand what the teacher was saying, she would figure it out herself (using different methods but getting the same answer), as many adhd people do.

11-08-12, 04:53 AM
For me it was social studies, like history and geography. I had so much trouble remembering names and dates. Remembering events aren't hard, but heck if I knew exactly when or where.

I'm actually quite good at math - during high school I tutored a middle school kid who also had ADHD. I was able to help him so much just because I knew the exact areas he was struggling in. He even told me I made more sense than the teacher, hah.

Best. Job. Ever. His parents were so very grateful on payday. :D