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11-11-12, 10:20 PM
My son school fought back the doctor's request for a 504, because of his ADD, they don't agree that my son has ADhD because he is not hyperactive, on the contrary, he is very mellow, they just think he is lazy and doesn't want to do his tasks, although he fits all the symptoms, can't finish a task, can't follow directions is constantly day dreaming and soforth. So they told me they were doing us a favor by not getting a 504, they said if they get a 504 for Matthew he will not be accepted in college because the college would not accept his need for classroom adpatations. Is this true in California?

11-12-12, 01:09 AM
No, it is false.

1. Colleges and universities that receive state/federal funding are required to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

2. A 504 Plan in high school is *not* disclosed to a college *unless* your son discloses it. It will not appear on his transcripts. The college will have no way of knowing about it unless your son brings it up. Therefore, the college cannot discriminate against him simply for having a 504 Plan.

3. Having a 504 Plan in high school, with documentation, can be helpful if your son decides to seek accommodations *after being accepted* into college. It shows that there is a history of diagnosis and educational accommodations.

4. If your son is struggling in school due to his ADHD (without necessary accommodations), and it is hurting his grades, making it difficult for him to get along with teachers, or making it so that he stays away from extracurricular activities, that will hurt him much more than a 504 Plan when he applies to college.

If your son needs accommodations to learn or to demonstrate what he is learning effectively, then keep fighting for the 504 Plan. The school is not doing you any "favor" by denying accommodations.

Someone who had a 504 Plan in high school and went to college(s) in California

11-12-12, 09:13 AM
Please don't let the school bully you into not getting the help your son needs.
I had an IEP and was accepted into most of the colleges I applied to.

The only thing that might show up is if your son takes the SAT or ACT with accommodations (though I'm not sure it's even legal to flag that anymore)

11-12-12, 07:12 PM
The only thing that might show up is if your son takes the SAT or ACT with accommodations (though I'm not sure it's even legal to flag that anymore)
The College Board (which administers the SATs) stopped "flagging" scores of students who took the test with accommodations in 2002. So no worries there. (I took the SAT prior to 2002, so my scores all has asterisks with a note that the testing was "non-standard", but still got into college.)

Having an IEP or 504 Plan on file at school can actually serve as useful documentation if the OP's son needs to request accommodations for the PSAT, SAT, etc.

11-14-12, 10:41 PM
He is not even in High School yet, he is in 6th grade, but it took us 2 years, 2 different schools to have just a sit down, and when they finally did, that's what they told us, so we agreed with the little they offered, which was just a SST, that they don't follow at all. It just sucks, they treat him as it's his fault. Thank you all for the enlight, we will continue the fight.

11-15-12, 02:30 AM
Put it in writing that you are requesting a 504 plan put in place for your son.

You might find it well worth it to get some help as well. You would be surprised how fast things change when someone who knows all the ins and outs gets involved.

Just keep your cool, and you'll do fine. (tho I know that's hard)

A 504 plan is put in place to protect your child's civil rights, they are essentially saying his rights don't need to be protected even when the doctor says he is in a class of children vulnerable to violations. They are on massively shakey ground.