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11-12-12, 03:02 AM
As of around July I changed my antidepressant regimen of Remeron (7.5mg - 15mg), Wellbutrin XL (300mg), and Zoloft (150mg), simplifying it down to just Zoloft (200mg) as monotherapy - er, as in to tackle my depression.
Unfortunately though it seemed like my MDD was in partial remission for a while, it now looks like my depression came roaring back. I hope for a bit of some advice on potential candidates for adjunct medication. I am currently prescribed...

Zoloft 200mg
Strattera 100mg
Ritalin SR 40mg
Adderall 20mg (PRN)
Tenex 1-2mg BID
Restoril 15-30mg (As needed.)

During my most recent appointment with my psychiatrist [on the 8th], the possibility of adding on Abilify was suggested. I have a silly resistance to the idea of taking an antipsychotic for not-so-rational reasons, so there's hesitancy on my part to try it... Besides, the cost for a medication without a generic equivalent is expensive (ideally I'd stop taking Stattera for that same reason as well). Lamictal comes to my mind as a viable option, even though that'd be off-label use; though in a lame attempt to rationalize it, I suspect I may experience dysphoric hypomanic episodes and so either of the aforementioned two could prove efficacious.

I also really dislike having to take any benzodiazepine(s), because I wish to avoid anything that could potentially hinder my cognitive/mental abilities. It is why I stopped taking Lyrica (aside from weight gain) and Wellbutrin, for example. Both produced word-forgetfulness as a side-effect; frustrating to no end, let me tell you. So then that makes me wary of Lamictal as well as most antipsychotics (dopamine antagonism and whatnot). But I digress. I'm considering trying Remeron again, since it helped insomnia and appetite loss in the past (I'm losing weight yet again now) to see if it's enough to help my depression - I can wait to see if any mixed state resurfaces and address that later if/as necessary. I am also a fan of Atarax for anxiety, from previous experience, and would be interested in a trial to see if a higher dose of it is effective as a sleep aid for me, to replace what I take now (Temazepam).

Aside from the 4 possible medications I mentioned to try I would appreciate any suggestions for adjunct medications, whether they be mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics (eh), anticonvulsants, off-label suggestions, etc. I am open to hear unconventional ideas too, of course. [For example, ..., I'm not sure - Lithium, say?] Thanks in advance.

11-12-12, 07:42 AM
I take geodon. Its been the best ATP without side effects.