View Full Version : How long does this stuff take to work? 11 days and counting...

11-12-12, 04:48 PM
I started taking Wellbutrin 11 days ag. 150mg the first week, been taking 300mg for 4 days.

Still absolutley no effect at all. I feel like I'm taking nothing. The only thing I feel is a horrible increase in appetite, I have the strongest cravings for sweets, which stinks, because I've been trying to lose weight. Also it makes me very tired and kind of foggy. And the worst side effect, nose bleeds about 20 minutes after taking the pill. Which scares me!

Any of this sound right to anyone? I still have all my ADD problems in full effect - no motivation, no concentration, no focus. How long do I have to wait for this to work? Because I can't do this much longer, I have school and work to get done and this is making everything harder.