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01-04-05, 01:43 PM
I just got on the generic version of adderall manufactered by ABRIKA. Has anyone out there tried it? If so, let me know. I've been on it for only two days now, but so far, it doesn't feel as strong as the brand.

01-09-05, 01:41 PM
Someone posted on this thread that they found the barr stronger than the abrika. I have never used the abrika or the brand.

Personally I found that I liked the mallincrodt brand much better than the Barr (it seemed slighly weaker I ended up on a slightly higher dose - but had fewer undesirable side effects.)

In my city - Walgreens carries the Akibra brand for most doses of regular. But Barr was the most common (of pharmacies covered by my insurance) It may be worth calling a different pharmacy to see what generic brand they carry in your dose and try a different generic if you don't like the akibra. Alternatively you could discuss it with your doctor and seeing if a dose increase helps.

I know on the other thread it was argued that amphetamines are so tightly controlled that there shouldn't be a difference between generics or between generic and regular.

However, there is a big difference for me between how I feel taking the Mallincrodt compared to the Barr generic brand (The pharmacy I was using switched back to Barr and I had the chance to compare the two side by side with my next refill.) The pharmacist I spoke to said sometimes people react differently to different generics it's not that uncommon. There is always the questions of inactive ingredients which could cause reactions (clearly Barr uses a dye and mallincrodt does not for example) as well as pill composition affecting I would go with how you feel not the theoretical argument that there shouldn't be a difference.

01-19-05, 06:38 PM
I was actually linked to another thread from this one and posted there... but since it is applicable here...

For the past 4 months I have been taking the generic Abrika version. Just one week ago the pharmacy switch to Barr and that is what I got. I have noticed a HUGE difference in the come up/down and negative side effects between the two. I think that this is most likely due to the absorbtion rate, not only because of the pill composition, but also the shape.

The Abrika pill is much harder than the Barr pill. When Iplace A in mymouth I get very little of the sugar/citrus taste unless I leave it there for a while. When I put the Barr pill in my mouth I can taste it instantly. To me this means that Barr is more soluable. This means that your body can absorb the chemical faster, and I think that this accounts for the speculation that Barr is stronger than other generics.

When considering the shape of the pill as far as absorbtion rate goes its just a little geometry. A sphere has the most volume to surface area ratio while a rectangle has far less. Even less than that would be the disc shape that the Barr pills come in. What this means is that with the disc shape, more of the drug is exposed to your system right away and then this level quickly drops off. On the other hand the Abrika tablets have much more depth and more closely resemble a short sphere than a disc (this also accounts for part of the difficulty in splitting them) which exposes much less of its total volume to your system at once. This gives it a more gradual effect and essentially lets you down more gently. At the same time, this will also give the sensation that it isn't as strong as the Barr brand.

From my personal experience, I had very little side effects from the Abrika brand. It helped me focus for a long time. However, the Barr brand feels very dirty. It causes my heart to race, and for me to sweat and has given me terrible insomnia. The Barr brand just doesn't seem to let you down as softly and seems like more of a recreation version of Adderall than as a treatment for ADD.

My solution to this problem is to either find a place that can supply something other than Barr, or just switch to the brand name. From my experience Abrika more closely images the Brand version as var as shape and consistency than Barr does.
(googled this)

I am also looking at an image of the brand adderall tablets and it seems that some have the flat shape while others have the round. I can only speculate, but I am sure the 30 is flat so it can be split in half easily.

11-04-10, 08:59 PM
I just got on the generic version of adderall manufactered by ABRIKA. Has anyone out there tried it? If so, let me know. I've been on it for only two days now, but so far, it doesn't feel as strong as the brand.

I live in Los Angeles and have been trying to find a pharmacy here. Can you help me.