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11-13-12, 05:46 AM
This is a technique I developed when I was a kid. I've figured I'd share it, since it has been useful for me.

Whenever I had to read a book, or a few chapters, I'd divide up the pages in a way that made it easier to finish. First I'll take the number of pages I needed to read, and divide it in half. Then I'd divide it in half again, and keep going until it reached 1-2 pages. If it came to a half page, I'd just round it up/down to the easier even number to divide.

For example, if I needed to read 500 pages, I'd divide it up first, then add it up to the number before. I'd make a list that looked like this:

500 | 0
250 |250
125 |375
62 |437
31 |468
16 |484
8 |492
4 |496
2 |498
1 |499
1 |500

The left side is how many pages for each section. Right side was the page number.

By the time I finally reached the first number to cross off....I already finished half of what I needed to do. I knew the next one was only half of that. The next was half of that, and it would keep getting smaller until it was done.

If the first/second sections were still too big to manage, I'd make a separate list just for those. Same order, cutting it by half each time.

This way of dividing work somehow made it more manageable instead of having a lot of little pieces, or a few large pieces, because either way you looked at it, there was still a lot of work to finish. But this way, it was more like having a big chunk get smaller and smaller until it was gone. And it also worked for other things, like finishing homework problems and completing long to-do lists.

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