View Full Version : "bad adhd" days or possible mania/hypomania?

11-13-12, 10:02 PM
I had been in a really deep depression, but after almost a month I think I'm almost out of it... it happened almost suddenly. One day I was still depressed and the next I was in a great mood and suddenly wanted to do everything and was spontaneous. I don't remember much except for texting random, silly things to my friends and randomly showing up at their house or saying "i'm here at ___ park. let's go for a hike". I was sooo happy last friday that I took a group of friends out to dinner on me (though I owed them money too). Friday night I didn't feel like going back home at midnight so I just drove all around town aimlessly on the highway until 4 in the morning... sometimes as fast as 90mph...just for the fun of it but I also felt like I was searching for meaning in life or God as I had felt I lost that during my depression....

Today I was just nuts, and I'm not sure if it was a "bad adhd" day or what. I was extremely hyper, but so hyper and disorganized that it felt really unpleasant. I had so much that I needed to get done, but between thinking "i need to get a shower" in the morning and finally taking one at 4p.m. I just did a lot of wondering around my apartment while listening to music... I was dancing around with a coat hanger on my head, walking in the closet and closing the door for no reason, running and sliding into the wall on the wooden floor with my slippers, writing a mustache for my face on the mirror with hand lotion, playing with styrofoam and trying to craft something with it but it didn't work out so well, singing christmas songs to my friends via. text. And doing a lot of other totally random, crazy stuff. I had other stuff I needed to do today, but... and the whole time I felt overwhelmed with energy but this time it was a little unpleasant, unlike before when it was exhilarating... and weird ideas and thoughts were running around my head so quickly.. like story ideas that I don't even remember much about now...

... now I've calmed down a little but not too much, I'm just sooooo furious with myself for wasting my day!!! >:-( I feel like a worthless, lazy person though I know on some level that I really and truly couldn't help it!! :-/

So does this sound more like an ADHD thing or a mania/hypomania thing?
I'm not diagnosed bipolar, but have had periods of euphoria and thinking that I'm a genius or mystic in the past... that would make a super long post though!!!

oh yeah, I'm just taking 20mg of citalopram right now

I just have felt genuinely "crazy" today.... :-(

11-14-12, 01:04 PM
Sometimes ADHD and bipolar symptoms overlap. The best thing to do is print this post out and call your doctor or make an appointment. Here's a good article from Brown on bipolar disorder that gives specific examples not just the criteria. It's very informative. Some of the things you stated could be hypomania. What type of ADHD were you diagnosed with and are you taking meds for it now? Sorry for digressing. Here's the link (more reliable the wikipedia)

Note there are milder forms of bipolar disorder such as Bipolar II and Cyclothymia. And in disagreement with this article that I have been full blown manic without delusions or paranoia such as this article suggests.

11-15-12, 09:12 PM
Thanks for the info. At the moment I'm starting to think that it might've just been the ADHD acting up, although in the past too anti-depressants have made me much more hyper and scattered than usual. But I just started taking ADDerall yesterday and so far it's done nothing but calm me down and help me focus and think straight (like it's supposed to). I'm assuming that I'd be pretty manic right now otherwise?

All of the above I can run by the doc next time too. I do tend to overanalyze things sometimes...

11-15-12, 11:05 PM
I'm glad that helped you. If you have any concerns just bring them up with your dr. I over-analyze sometimes too.

11-21-12, 01:06 PM
The symptoms you have described sound like with those of a person having a hypomanic episode. I say that mainly b/c I think the euphoria you described tips the balance.

Whether or not you have bipolar II though depends on a number of factors, so don't try to call it at this point. Even if it looks like hypomania, sounds like hypomania, and smells like hypomania, it could just be drug interactions.

I wouldn't assume you'd be "pretty manic." It's possible, but brains are often a bit unpredictable. Try witholding the adderall tomorrow and see how you feel; and as always, talk to your doctor.