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11-19-12, 08:39 AM
Stayed Up All Night to Not Study for an Exam

Cops are still brutalizing people.
There was a humongous
hurricane on the East
coast a few weeks ago
and a lot of people
are homeless
or dead
but nobody
really seems to care,
I know I don't.
I keep putting off calling Margaret
and feel awful for that.
Proposition 37 didn't pass in California,
proof voting doesn't matter.
But hey,
Washington and Colorado legalized pot,
score one for idiots
that don't know how to smoke weed
The feds are still going to rape
your bong ripping a**holes,
Whether it be for dope
Or something else
equally absurd.
And the Engineered cancer
will go along,
tearing your DNA to shreds.
The air will proceed to
fill your lungs
with poison.
The whir of the drone
flying overhead
will gladly offer you
peace of mind
Whether you want it
or not
The beasts are
surely waiting
to devour your very flesh
when they know for
certain, that
you will no longer scream
or beg for mercy.
They've got to give a few small victories
to the people, don't they?
Keep our spirits up.
Make us feel as if we actually stand
a modicum of a chance
against their war.
Handing us just enough hope
so that it hurts that much more
when they take it all
Nobody can see it.
There's much more
pressing matters afoot,
And you narcissistic b***tards
have your heads too far up
your asses to forgo
the courtesy of a single thought
for anything that isn't
directly and instantaneously
effecting your
already and irreversibly
wasted life.
I declare sitting here at 6 a.m.
Now, having done nothing
for anyone myself,
It's a viscous cycle
you get trapped in,
reading and whining
and contemplating
for nothing,
ultimately doing nothing.
Because you are weak, dumb, insignificant,
and most of all

11-19-12, 09:40 AM
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