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01-06-05, 06:24 PM
I have been taking 20 mg Ritalin SR since Dec. 14. for ADD symptoms. I usually take it between 7-7:30 am

I have just been given a script for for Wellbutrin 150 mg for depression.

I know you can take the two together. I know the WB could take a couple weeks to kick in for depression symptoms....but I imagine the stimulating effects would kick in sooner??

I just wanted to get some feedback from people who've used both at the same time....should I take both as soon as I wake up in the morning...or take the WB at 7am and the Ritalin at noon or what?

The Ritalin SR usually takes about 2 hrs till I feel the full affects and then starts to wear off around 2 pm.

I know it'll take some experimenting...but if any of ya'll want to share experiences...I'd be happy :)

01-06-05, 11:29 PM
I dunno if this is in the wrong forum or not...if it should be somewhere else, could someone put it in the right one? ...Thanks :)

01-07-05, 03:09 AM
Is this the Wellbutrin XL, SR, or regular release? i would definitely take it in the morning, especially if it's the SR or regular release. I had minor insomnia on 150 mg of the XL to start, but nothing too bad. The stimulating side effects did kick in right away, within about 3 days for me, so, yeah, you're right.

01-07-05, 04:00 AM
Do you only have ADD til 2pm? I bet not. I had the same effect with ritalin LA, now back on my usual regular ritalin four times a day. I suggest you talk with your doc about trying twice a day, if it works for you. Good Luck

01-07-05, 07:52 AM, I don't have ADD till just 2 pm :p

The WB is SR too...I don't think I'm a fan of the SR...or at least the both of them being SR takes too long in the morning before I feel focused and less foggy. I go back on the 1st...I might ask to either switch to concerta, which is what my family dr. just recommended yesterday....or for a faster acting ritalin a couple times a day.

Took both this morning so we shall see how that goes.

abre los ojos
01-08-05, 02:05 AM
I think wellbutrin and ritalin is a good combination. Wellbutrin is very stimulation from the get-go, and is good for kick starting the brain in the morning. Wellbutrin also potentiates ritalin, and definitely should help smooth out the ritalin lows. Wellbutrin is a potent NE blocker, and researchers still can't decide if ADD is caused by a deficiency NE or Dopamine, or both. I'm still looking for the right combination of meds for myself, and I may try wellbutrin with the Zoloft i'm currently taking.