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11-24-12, 02:58 AM
I'm a skinny 26 year old male with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was little. I have always had a BMI between low and low-end-of-normal (other than the two years between my wife's first pregnancy and second childbirth, I got a beer gut which turned into becoming certified as a personal trainer, losing all of the gut, then canceling my gym membership and returning to my completely sedentary lifestyle...ADHD for ya).

I have always snored, even when I was little (my children do as well :mad:). I use a CPAP, which had an immediate impact on my sleep quality. Before I was treated for this (about 3 years ago) I routinely fell asleep behind the wheel, fell asleep in classes, took 1 or more naps daily, slept up to 10 hours per night, and was always fatigued and tired. Now I sleep between 4 and 7 hours per night, usually around 6. I feel completely rested (well, after a cup of coffee anyways :D) and do not usually require naps unless I get less than 6ish hours of sleep. If you snore and never feel rested, I strongly suggest getting a sleep study done - untreated moderate or severe sleep apnea is more lethal than smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

So...I am a skinny young guy with both OSA and ADHD. Others have noticed correlations between OSA and ADHD. I understand that OSA can produce a lot of ADHD symptoms, and the lack of sleep/quality sleep can make ADHD symptoms worse...these things make perfect sense to me.

Studies also show that people with ADHD are likely to have OSA as well though (even if the severity of symptoms is reduced after OSA treatment). Are there any theories about why this correlation exists?? OSA is not common in skinny young people, why would a skinny young person with ADHD have a higher chance of sleep apnea?? Doesn't make sense to me at all.

Anyone else in the skinny-but-has-OSA-on-top-of-their-ADHD camp?

Also, my wife hasn't heard me snore since starting my stimulants. Coincidence or is there a correlation that anyone knows of? Note that I usually sleep with my CPAP which greatly reduces the odds of me snoring, but I have taken a few naps and have slept without the machine a few times as well. I used to snore almost 100% of the time without CPAP and probably 20% while the mask was on. Did you quit snoring after starting stimulants?

Bonus tip that works great for me and might work for you too: next time you're tired and need to take a nap, try a caffeine nap. Quickly drink a cup of coffee or some espresso (maybe tea if you're into that? not sure if there is enough caffeine in tea though) and then take a short catnap. This probably only works if you can fall asleep quickly...I know insomnia tends to linger around here. This little trick works great for me, I feel like a new person when I wake up. Just figured I would share because I was talking about naps earlier somewhere......Really useful for when your textbooks keep putting knocking you out...