View Full Version : 8 yr. old ADHD and High Functioning Aspergers

11-24-12, 07:30 PM
Hello all,

New to group, and was so happy to find this---I was hoping that some, or many, of you could help me with some advice or direction. My son has responded horribly to all of the stimulant ADHD medications with moderate to severe tics. At this point, he can not swallow a pill. His main symptoms that need help are impulsivity, attention, and focus. The last one we tried was the Daytrana patch and within 3 days his eye blinking tics were so fast and uncontrollable that the anxiety that was caused was not worth it. He has been off medication for 7 days and he truly can not do well in school without it, and his Asperger symptoms are so much worse too-SIGH, and SIGH, and some tears....He is also on Zoloft for his anxiety. We even got a second opinion from another child psychiatrist--Not sure where to go, what to do next, deal with the horrible tics, (do not think I can bear to watch him experience this and feel so out of control though), or fly somewhere with him to one of THE doctors who specialize in this area---not many doctors to choose from in Austin, TX---ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! :):)