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11-25-12, 09:59 PM
What's most people's experienced regarding Effexor versus other ssris . Meaning effect , rates of energy or fatigue and cognition delay or improvement with Effexor or other ssris . I have had fatigue low doses of ssris and wonder if that would get worse or go away with suggested doses and furthermore I wonder if one ssri or snri ( Effexor) would be better or worse

11-29-12, 11:28 PM
Hellllllllo? I asked a question ??? How about an answer -

12-04-12, 12:25 AM
Metal taste

12-04-12, 12:40 AM
Well considering that Effexor is NOT an SSRI you should be fine. Effexor is in a class of medications known as MAOI's. MAOI's are really only used anymore for people that have severe depression and no other medication has helped them. Effexor can bring people out of the most darkest and deepest depressions that exists. However, Effexor is extremely addictive because it is an MAOI. Doctors don't really use Effexor anymore unless no other medication has worked.

Be extremely careful when taking Effexor because it is an MOAI. MAOI's stop the liver from breaking down most chemicals that enter the body. If you take too much of an amphetamine - for instance - the Effexor would stop the amphetamine from breaking down in the body. Which -if you take too much - could cause an extremely painful overdose.

Do no take any illegal drugs when using Effexor.

P.S I apologies if this seems poorly writtehn, but I was really drunk when I wrote this.

12-04-12, 04:13 AM
i don't think effexor is a maoi either. It's an SNRI. it's supposed to be very effective but i hated it but then i was put on a huge dose much higher than the recommended upper limit. It knocked me out. I was so tired and couldn't keep my eyes open. It didn't do much for my depression on the contrary. I had very bad mood swings and suicidal ideation was at an all time high. That's just my experience though. I've read reviews and lots of people had very good results with it. I guess everyone is difficult. I felt better the moment i came off it.

12-05-12, 12:27 AM
I feel fine, it's just a major social anxiety . The smallest dose of Effexor stops this but I feel dumb on it. Puts me in a pickle

12-05-12, 01:15 AM
The way my doc described it to me there were different types of AD. SSRI being one ie Prozac, Zoloft Lexapro etc. SNRI like Effexor and Cymbata ( i think), and the odd ball ones -Wellbutrin being in that class. These are the new wave of AD. They have the old TCA antidepressants, and the MAOI's.

Never been on MAOI's I dont think they are used anymore due to Big Pharma pushing the new stuff incentivizing doctors. Not to mention, for most people I think the side effect profile is smaller or less severe- depending on the person.

I can speak for SSRI's. I tried the ones listed above and did not have a good response with them. My doctor said the next step would be moving the other class SNRI which was effexor.

When I started effexor it made me want to sleep ALL day- at 37.5. This went away after about a week when I increased the dosage. I am not sure if the dosage increase relieved my sleepiness it might have been just my body getting used to the med. At the high end I was on 150mg. I still felt lethargic but I seemed to be less worried about things. I had to drop the dosage due to sexual side effects. I didn't have the increase in energy I read about from other posts.

Some claim that as the dosage increases the drug begins to target NE (hence SNRI) and at even higher dosages on Dopamine itself. This could be true. Everyone is different, maybe it does do this in some people which would explain reports of an energy boost. After backing back down to 37.5 I dont have the sleepiness anymore, BUT I am on a few other meds which might explain this.

Sorry this post was so long. It took me 11 months to finally come close to getting my meds right. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

12-05-12, 01:52 AM
It's fine . I think lowest dose is best for me. I just finally quit wellbutrin and am getting over the tiredness of stopping but I feel better already . That stuff just locked my mind up

12-21-12, 12:51 AM
First, understand that everyone responds to ADs differently, so the following are just generalizations.

Effexor is a very effective AD. It often works when others have not. The issue with it is side effects for some people.

Regarding the classification: Effexor is considered an SNRI, so it is classified to work on NE uptake as well as Serotonin.

You have to be careful though, as the classifications are just a way to categorize generally.

In fact, Effexor is essentially an SSRI at low doses, then also begins to effect NE at above @150 mg, then also begins to effect DA (dopamine) above 250-300.

What many people don't realize, is that Prozac also affects all three depending on dose, as evidenced by metabolites of NT uptake in patients.

Prozac is an amazing drug that got a bad rap. It can take a long time to work (1-2 months), and has a long half-life, which can be an advantage as there are very little withdrawal issues.

IMO, there is a major issue with Prozac generics from anecdote, research, and experience. I don't know if they are all bad, but some are. Generics are NOT exactly the same as name-brand. During development they have to have 80-125% bioequivalence to the name brand.

That is a pretty big "margin of error". For example, if one is on 80mg of name brand, it is possible that the generic could legally give bioequivalence of 64 (80%) mg. That is a huge difference for Prozac.

There would seem to be an incentive to "under" dose the active ingredients. For most drugs they are by far the most expensive ingredients, and when millions and millions of pills are produced, a few percentage points makes a big difference in cost.

You will hear horror stories of Effexor withdrawal. By adding prozac as you go off this can be almost completely avoided and most P-docs know this by now. Family MDs may not.

Effexor is good stuff for many people, but side effect intensity varies widely between individuals.

Hope that helps. :)

12-23-12, 02:37 AM
Effexor just made me hungry it works well though

12-23-12, 02:39 AM
Effexor gave me murder thoughts.

I stopped taking it after that.

To be fair, once I hit full dosage on anti-depressants they all do weird things to me.

12-23-12, 02:52 AM
Effexor brought me out a really bad depression after losing both my GF and my house and job. I went up to 150, but wanted to sleep all day.

After supplementing with Lamictal ( I am not bipolar) I dropped the dosage to 37.5.

Everyones posts are correct, it is not an SSRI. It is an SNRI. My doc tried me on it after SSRIs did not work well for me. It is POWERFUL stuff. In my opinion. Feeling sleepy was a negative but it really killed my anxiety ( and consequently my sex drive).

Also in regard to discontinuation, dont believe all the horror stories. I dropped from 150 to 37.5 rather quickly and did not have any of the effects I have read about.

Everyone is different. It made me sleep it could give you energy which could bring you out of your depression. Its guess and check, it sucks, but that is the only way to do it.