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11-26-12, 04:06 PM
What Os and Mobile OS do Adders feel more productive with?

Do you feel more productive using Mac or PC, IOS (Ipad) or Android?

What software do you use to be more productive?

What system is more adhd friendly?

Rob A.
11-26-12, 05:08 PM
On my computer I am running Windows 7. I used to dual boot with 8 but very difficult with adhd just due to the way it works. For a phone I run Apple Os on my Iphone 4 of course. Same will be with my new Ipod I am getting 5th gen. I find windows better on computers because you can do literally everything with it and it's very user friendly. But Mac Os is nice in a lot of ways I would probably prefer that over Windows. Android I used to have an Android phone but they freeze and have a lot of problems that can make an adhd user angry. Hope I helped, any more questions just ask.

11-26-12, 05:56 PM
Well I got a windows laptop, ipad and android phone...

all with equal amounts of organisation apps / software on them...

all of which I regularly forget or don't pay attention to anymore...

but they do make useful (albeit expensive) alarm clocks...:D

I still live in chaos and more debt thanks to buying the above mentioned items............impulsive much! :faint:

Phoenix Ash
11-27-12, 05:08 PM
Long time Mac user + iPhone. Former Windows user, when forced to in the workplace.

One of the main reasons (besides user-friendly) I like my Mac is because I hate having to worry about security patches every week and BSOD and figuring out what the hell went wrong somewhere... I just don't have those issues on my Mac or my iphone. Besides freeing up my time, it also frees up mental energy that is already at a premium anyway.

11-27-12, 10:41 PM
I love mac, at work I use windows all day (deal with fixing windows), it okay for bussiness use, but it also breaks a lot and user complain ... Plus it seems I have to do more stuff on windows at once, with dual screen.
Mac fullscreen mode, I can do one task at once...

11-27-12, 10:42 PM
Also I love the IPHONE and IPAD, so easy to support and use...

12-09-12, 01:09 AM
honestly windows over mac, i loved my mac but the programs are so limited that i grew to not like it. and im an android fan but i like being able to customize everything to my liking on my phone.

12-09-12, 01:25 AM
For me its a windows PC at work and home, but while at school its a mac as I need something bullet proof when it comes to school work and my past pc's have given me too much trouble.

12-10-12, 06:54 PM
What Os and Mobile OS do Adders feel more productive with?

Do you feel more productive using Mac or PC, IOS (Ipad) or Android?

What software do you use to be more productive?

What system is more adhd friendly?
I believe there is no possible answer to this question. The systems all work fine. What counts, to me, is: 1. Which software you use; 2. How well integrated it is with any other software you also use.

Keeping track of a lot of software programs that don't mesh with each other, no matter how useful each one is, can lead to overload and giving up. I think the key is finding a system that is as simple as possible, but not simpler than that. :) Don't use two programs if just one will do the job. Don't use two gadgets if just one will do the job.

As a practical example, avoid using phone agenda software and computer agenda software that can't "talk to each other". Better to have applications that synchronize smoothly so that you have your information the same everywhere. Put together a system that really works, and then (the hard part) - USE IT! :)

Don't look for the best operating system - trust me, you don't really care which operating system you use. Instead, look for software that is well made and does exactly what you need it to do, and get a system that will run that software.

12-11-12, 03:58 AM
I am a windows user, currently win 7, for the PC but the only reason I stick with it is habit and the fact that I need to run specific accounting and fiscal software that requires windows.

If I had the chance I would prefer to select one of the Linux distros to run instead.

For my phone I am going with android for reasons of openness and ease of use. It somehow feels less constrained to me than Apple Ios does.

I don't have a tablet yet because as yet I can not see a niche between phone and laptop yet. If tabs were to evolve to be adequate replacements for laptops I might change over and I would be using an android based model.