View Full Version : It's Dragon Time

01-07-05, 08:43 PM
It Chat with Draga night and finally have free time to actually Make it tonight!!!!!! So come one come all If ya wanna......I'm in there now, Besides I Need Feedback on something I am thinking of doing and eventually will do...Need Feedback.

Or Hey.....If u needa Venta I'm all ears'a :D

01-07-05, 08:58 PM <~~~~~~Remember this???? I think it's time I give them a lil call on the radio myself. that kinda what i need feedback on

01-08-05, 02:46 AM
I'd have been there if I had hydro at the time. We are having a blizzard. Somewhat unusuall for the wet coast. Hydro is intermitant.

But the snow is really great!

01-08-05, 09:24 AM
I would but for some reason am unable to get the chat room.

01-08-05, 09:40 AM
What a great turn out last night for Dragon Time

Thanks for all the laughs(or was it all the confusion)

01-08-05, 09:44 AM
Both maybe.....

Futs, that used to happen to me all the time too.

01-08-05, 09:46 AM
Thanks for all the laughs(or was it all the confusion)
oh yeah, minn, just like all the rooms in my house...
:confused: & :rolleyes: & :eek: