View Full Version : Hearing loss or auditory processing problems?

11-28-12, 02:58 PM
I know auditory processing problems and ADHD go hand in hand a lot, so for a long time I've kind of just accepted that I will have problems in that area. I don't get how people can chat in bars and clubs, I've always found it impossible. Recently I was trying to follow a conversation with newfound acquaintances with loud music in the background. I noticed no one else had to ask the other to repeat themselves, but I realized I couldn't even hear the sound of their voices at all. I tried lip-reading, but had to give up trying to follow the conversation and just stand around pretending to listen. I've frustrated a lot of people asking them to repeat themselves. A lot of this of course has to do with slow processing in general and memory, but I realize a lot of times I cannot distinguish between the sounds. I've also noticed myself having to turn my ear towards the speaker so they can speak directly into my ear a lot.
Is APD diagnosed when a hearing problem is ruled out? Are there any differences in symptoms that might clue me in on whether it's worth going to see an audiologist for hearing loss?

11-28-12, 06:12 PM
Personally I've noticed it's distractability. The loud noises are bloody awful. Being in a bar - fine. Drinking in a bar - brilliant. Socializing in a bar - straight nightmare. But - If the person next to me says something so incredibly fascinating I find myself able to focus sufficiently - but it rarely is enough though - I will forget it. Either that or I have auditory processing disorder.

Phoenix Ash
11-28-12, 06:51 PM
Ditto on pretty much everything you describe. I don't have any hearing loss -- the sound comes in just fine. I just don't always know what to make of it.

I think mine is a combination of mild APD and ADD. Distractability contributes, and loud environments make it much worse... but there have also been many times in my life when I was in a quiet room with one other person, concentrating on their lips while they formed the words, knowing it was English, and still not understanding what they were saying.

It was worse when I was a kid. I was always saying, "What?" to people -- it became such a habit I even found myself saying 'what' automatically whether I had understood them or not. I still do that sometimes.

I had my hearing tested in elementary school and nothing was found, which didn't surprise me. They weren't testing language processing, they were only testing what range of tones I could perceive. But I was too young to be able to explain the difference, so I continued saying 'what' all the time and kept getting accused of having peanut butter in my ears.

I used to think it might be fun to be a bartender, until I realized I'd never be able to understand anyone's order.

11-29-12, 06:22 PM
* I can't filter out human noises ... er, voices, from background noise (or voices?) like most people seem to be able to

* I need a longer time to process language and I also often, often say 'What?!' ... and just when the other person sets on to repeat I get it

* I mishear things. A lot.

My actual hearing is just fine, I can hear low sounds and a wide range of sounds. It's just verbal communication that is a hit and miss.

10-06-13, 07:16 PM
I find that as long as one person is talking at a time I'm ok, but when there are a few voices talking at the same time nearby it all just turns into noise and I can't hear a thing.

If there's any kind of background noise I can't focus..

If I'm on the phone and hear any type of other noise from anywhere I can't focus..

and at work sometimes a couple radios overlap different music at the same time and I can't even think it's so bad