View Full Version : Song - I don't care

11-30-12, 04:12 PM
i don't care if you judge me
and i won't be there when you fall
face facts and know that you've pushed me
until the point where i stopped caring at all

the memory is fading
but the feeling carries the shadow
of the lack of compassion you weren't hiding
your arrogance left you hollow

every second with you I wander (why)
every word you say is empty (while)
every minute I grow stronger (as)
every blame I take immunates me

now that i'm crossing the edge
I'm losing respect
for your ways of inflicting, splitting like a wedge
too long you've made me live with neglect

I hate arrogant, mass existing, average, close minded, superficial, neurotypical you

This is it
behold the integrity
it is the way it is
I don't care if you're too afraid to see
it just is

Now shut up and behold