View Full Version : Reconstructing Your Manias

12-04-12, 02:07 AM
I wanted to start a thread discussing how people experiencing manias with significant memory loss can reconstruct their episodes.

I'll begin. I experience manias where I get racing through and tend to act on them. Sometime between getting the racing thoughts and action is where my memory loss begins. So I am sometimes out for days and when I get back home and finally get some sleep, I have no idea what I've done.

Here are some things I use to piece back my manic episodes:

receipts - Crucial especially when you left the plastic at home and are paying cash.
bank/credit card statements - To see where you've spent money and how much.
cell phone log - I tend to become a calling machine, so going back through my call list/texts provides great clues.
friends/family - After you see you called you best friend up 6 times between 3:30am and 5:00am, she'll certainly have something elucidating to tell you about your behavior.
friends' voicemail boxes - When I'm in an episode, I tend to make a lot of call at weird times of day when no reasonable person would answer. So I leave a voicemail. Listening to these is amazing because I had not only hear some of my grandiose ideas and my excitement, but I can also hear the extremely fast but measured, happy and persuasive way I talk. (Completely out-of-character because I have the worst phone skills due to my SAD.)
internet browser history - This one is great because if your browsing follows your racing thoughts (mine often does), then it provides a time-date stamp for that thought.

What are some other methods you guys use to put back together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is a manic episode?