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12-04-12, 10:28 AM
After the issue with Music class last week (see previous post) I decided to contact DS’s other enhancement teachers.

I have heard back from his Spanish teacher and his PE teacher (both responded very quickly and I was very pleased). They both said they had a rough start to the school year which doesn’t surprise me. He has to readjust to school structure and we had also just changed his meds and were at a very low dose. I believe he started the school year at either 20 or 30mg of Vyvanse and he now takes 60mg. But they both said he is doing well now and would monitor him and let me know if they saw any issues. The Spanish teacher said he was very chatty at the start of the year but he now listens and actively participates. His PE teacher said he would make noises and be very hyper like spinning on the floor during instructional time at the start of the year but he hasn’t had any issues of late. I am awaiting a response from the Media teacher (librarian) and was unable to contact his art or computer teachers at this time. DS says he doesn’t have issues in any of these classes but his perception is somewhat skewed.

He likes all of his enhancements except Music. So that could be a big part of the problem right there. She said he is chatty when they have desk work and he said he sits next to a friend who will talk with him. His other teachers have moved him around until they found a setting assignment that works for him.

I have emailed the music teacher to see what we can do to work with him. I am contemplating an unannounced visit to observe his class tomorrow. We have talked with him a lot about how he has to behave especially in that class. I do believe tho that if I go and he behaves, she’ll say it was because I was there. But my curiosity has the best of me. Hopefully she’ll contact me so we can talk before class.


12-04-12, 11:48 AM
My son is only 5 but he has some sensory issues with noises that make music and PE class a bit difficult. I've heard from teachers how in PE he gets all crazy and will hold his ears because it gets noisy in the gym with the high celings and not a lot of structure and kids running around with "outdoor voices". And I noticed this past Sunday as I helped out with the sunday school teachers at church that when the time came to sing some christmas carols he went off to a table in the back of the hall and played with some legos he smuggled in his coat pocket. I just let him be beucase I know although he loves music and likes to sing, he isn't always so happy when other people are singing, mostly me (which would mean it's not always the best performance )

12-04-12, 12:39 PM
When a teacher said a child talks in class there is always another child involved, like he isnīt talking to himself is he?
Glad to see the other teaches are being helpful.

12-04-12, 01:20 PM
That use to be me every stinking school year it took me to almost december to get back into the swing of things especially math class.I gotta love and wonder why some people become teachers? I also love how we always get freaking scapegoated but the other student who is just as guilty skates? WTH!?

12-05-12, 05:54 PM
What was the outcome? did she contact you? I would be very curious too!

My step son, C , hasnt started school yet, but "too noisy" is a phrase that comes out of him quite frequently, so I am interested in seeing how this may affect him at school.

12-05-12, 08:55 PM
I have not been able to talk with her yet. No response to email and she wasn't available when I called this afternoon.

He got another conduct point for her class today because he put his arms in his shirt and flapped them around like wings. He doesn't understand why that deserved a conduct point. It actually came from his homebase teacher who said he had already been warned about blurting out in her class and she felt it was warranted because he has to behave in all classes. Not sure I agree with her but as I've said before, DS's perception isn't always totally accurate so it could have been more than he said. But it seems like he behaved better today than last week.

I'll be following up with the music teacher and hopefully can catch her tomorrow. I also plan to make an unannounced visit next week to see for myself what his behaviour is in the class. I am also trying to get a conference with his 3 core teachers next week for feedback so I can talk with his dr to see if we want to try anything different over Christmas break.

So frustrating! We changed meds to improve his life outside of school--which it did but it seems to have made school worse. SIGH!

12-07-12, 09:53 AM
I think an unannounced visit would be an excellent idea. See for yourself what he is like in a school environment, because i guess you dont know. The teacher will say one thing and DS you say has a different perception so that may not be accurate. Good for you!

Keep us up to date.

12-07-12, 02:43 PM
Music class sucks. I hated it so much. It went from boring technical stuff that felt like math or everyone being noisy and horrible sounds blasting everywhere.

It was structured differently from all the other classes.

And not a single teacher tried to get us passionate or interested in music. The stuff we learned was stupid and boring. Ba ba black sheep how I hate this song!

Finally in 6th grade we had a teacher who really wanted us to love music. She'd compare heavy metal to classical. She'd play blues songs for us. Talked about Beethoven going crazy and deaf. Let us write silly songs about farts.

I can't imagine very many ADHD children liking a class where you sit there waiting your turn to go "ta-ta-ti-ti-ta" to learn rhythm.

chances are the class involves long periods of sitting quietly with the occasional short burst of racket. Not very ADHD friendly. A fidget toy might be helpful. Especially as all the behaviour problems you've reported he has in music class sounds like an ADHD kid going from under-stimulated to over-stimulated to under-stimulated all in an hour.