View Full Version : Song - Let me free

12-04-12, 02:08 PM
let me free
go and breathe
until the days stop turning around
when will it stop
all go away/fade away
and let my spririt really be free/be released

this isn't real
why do i bleed
this time/sometimes my life/it all seems so surreal
can you see
just like me
through my eyes and make it real

the bare truth
a world like me
the necessities to live
are only fake
cause it's a dream
but in my head
don't even try to reach for it
only i within my mind
can escape reality like that
the only reason you still breathe
is the fact you are like me
cause if not you'd be dead
a rotting corpse gone up in smoke
irreal as it seams
it's all truth just like this place
can you touch a place not there ?
how long without despair ?
what is the truth there are no lies
only a fragment of time
blood in your eyes
cry your tears waste of time
confront your hell
when all seems lost
can you handle it ? this dust ?

PS - this was impulsive writing. A melody came in my head, and those were the first words in mind. It's yogurt - and I'll only slightly adapt it. But it's interesting