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01-10-05, 08:11 AM
Hi there,

I'm doing "analytic psychotherapy" for some two months now.
Last day I got there with the checklist from and showed it to him expressing my concern that looking into my past etc, I really seem to fit.
He took a quick look (20 seconds) and told me that that wasn't his method and we'd stick with his method. I tried to ask if he was informed about ADD and he said that there are many different approaches to different problems, and that he uses a specific method and procedure.
I felt kind of oppressed with him telling me that with such a conviction, excluding anything else, like I was being stupid for getting informed about ADD, told me I was hypocondriac... :eek:
Then I asked about talking of the different points in the checklist, and he said that ok, you can talk about it, but lying on the sofa as usual.
Then I did the session, talking about how overwhelmed I feel with everything that I get myself into, he ended the session telling me that I must focus on passing subjects in the university, as it is the basis of my anxiety because I need education. I agree to a certain point... not studying regularly and leaving study just for two weeks before the exams is stressful... but is it the problem? I don't think so.

I went there because my dad said many psychologists aren't good (I wanted to go to a sports psychologist a friend of mine goes to, as I also want to get back to sports...) and that a shrink is the one that really knows (resumedly it's how he said it). But I sometimes feel that I'd enjoy some more interesting feedback.

What's really supposed to happen in analytic psychotherapy?... I wanna make the most out of it...

Thanks guys


01-10-05, 09:55 AM
You need to be able to have a conversation with this Dr. about how your treatment method will be implemented.
You should fully understand what approach this psychiatrist is taking and why as well as what the end results is that you want to achieve.
If you have done research and can provide evidence that you may have some form of ADD then you need to have that properly diagnosed by someone who KNOWS how to work with ADD.
It sounds like the approach your psych. is taking is one that should work with someone who has "normal" everyday stress and anxiety about specific situations like studying for an intense exam or preparing for a presentation in front of a group. These types of situations make everyone stressed and nervous.
However, if the type of anxiety you feel presents itself during times of non specific stress or times when you don't have deadlines or upcoming events that would normally trigger these feelings... you need to have a different level of treatment.
There are many methods to "self talk" yourself down from "normal" anxiety. Some of them actually help even with intense anxiety.
If you find that your situation is outside the parameters of the "normal" levels of anxiety and stress you should find someone else to work with.
Sometimes, the only way to find out is with trial and error. Get your current psych. to provide you with methods or tools that you can use to help deal with your current situation. If you find, after applying these methods, they don't work then find a different doctor.

01-11-05, 09:04 AM
Ricardo, your DR appears to be doing Freudian analysis on you. If you find you are the one doing most of the talking, it's quite a sure bet that he's well into Freud. If so, he is analysing your behavior. It is only after you talk and talk and talk that he will make a diagnosis.

Only my opinion, but I can't see a Freudian Psych being much help for someone with ADHD.

You need feedback, ad Fighting has said, but you won't get it from this Dr "if" he practices Freudian Psych. If I were you, I would ask him.

01-11-05, 09:38 AM
hey ricardo:
cute pic by the way, for some reason it just makes me laugh (not in a negative way mind you, a laugh anyday is a good laugh)
who sees anlyst's (is that the correct plural anyone?..know of any good grammar tutorial software? my experience writing on the web sans normal grammar and execution has blunted my ability to write 'properly')
anyway yeah
who sees an analyst these days? i'm not saying that to you specifically ricardo, but i will say this to you , bluntly,
dump the analyst dude.
i've seen numerous docs and i've had the fortune to pick them well and develop great relationships with my docs.
currently i'm seeing a psychologist as well as a psychiatrist. i've always been confused about the psychiatrist's role in mental health, for me and everyone else. first off: although i'm quite aware that they prescribe meds - how in the world are they more qualified for any type of therapy or therapuetic diagnosing when they only see patients for 15 minutes at a time? sure that 15 minutes is officially slated as 'medical management'...but i can tell you its not quality time. i could tell her that my house was on fire and the most important thing i wanted to grab was my bottle of adderall- well i think she would of forgotten that by next meeting...seeing as how she can see billions of ppl at 15 min. appointments every two to three months, thats a LOT of patients...
my therapist on the other hand fulfills me to a much larger degree as far as my needs are concerned. and it would negiligent to say that most psychologists are 'bad', the most you could say is that for instance, if it is in fact the case: a pyschologist will not suit your case,
i can easily say that most analyst's
do not suit your cause.
if you're looking for someone to give you feedback regularly, which i do think that most of us adhd'ers appreciate and look for,
and need.
an analyst will be entirely cryptic it seems and is not warranted in our case.
go see a pyschotherapist. a non uber freudian one.

Coral Rhedd
01-11-05, 07:11 PM
Ask your therapist if his method is more psychodynamic or more behavioral cognitive. If he says "psychodynamic" ask him to refer you to a therapist who is behavioral cognitive. If you can't understand his answer, see someone else.

You don't want to spend from this time until graduation examining how you Oedipus Complex has caused you to decimate your GPA with this guy's help. You have the rest of your life to examine your childhood or whatever. You need help with you ADD now.

01-11-05, 11:17 PM
What is "analytic psychotherapy"? I have never heard of this before.

Coral Rhedd
01-12-05, 01:57 AM
I thought analytic psychotherapy sounded familiar so I looked it up. Turns out I had my therapies mixed up. It's Jungian not Freudian. It has to do with archetypes and dreams. I still wouldn't recommend it for someone who mainly wants to improve organizational skills, do well in school, and cope with ADD. If I had money and time to burn I would probably find the process fascinating as I used to be in a Jungian dream group and found lots of insight. Like most psychotherapies of its era however, it's sort of sexist. Carl Jung was an absolutely fascinating man. He practically kept a harem (today he would lose his license) and made some disgustingly pragmatic decisions concerning analytic psychotherapy and the Nazis.

Many New Age therapies took a page from the Jungians by incorporating dream analysis and archetypes.

01-12-05, 02:46 AM
Really, thank you all! It's great to find such solidarity and knowledge here.

I'll get back to this topic after talking to the doc on Thursday! I think I'll take a print of this thread with highlighted parts... or should I make a list of questions or something? Well I'll print it anyway and figure out how to go for it tomorrow, now going to bed... if anyone got more great insights, I'll be very grateful!

Oh, by the way... I have 45 min sessions once a week. I understood you have 15 minutes there? Seems odd, so few time!

Again, thanks... :-)


01-12-05, 03:12 AM

The 15 min sessions are med-check sessions, just to adjust prescriptions on a reg basis, a real money maker for psychiatrists. Its not therapy.

What you are getting is a valid form of therapy. It is rarely provided in this day and age of cognitive-behavioral psychology, because insurance companies don't like to pay the cost of long term therapy. Cognitive behavioral psychologists are expected by insurance companies to produce faster results, and they do in a certain sense.

However, bahavior can change without a person discovering what it is deep down that holds a person back. The purpose of any analytical method is to get to deeper root issues, deeper causes, emotional traumas, low self esteem issues, parental conflicts, etc. It is a growing process, to sit there and talk, and probably fairly difficult to do, without getting the instant feedback, but that is how the method works.

In this day and age, if it is pure Freudian, I" doubt it, as that is long gone. Thus, it is a varient, and updated version of analysis. If this is the case, you are very fortunate to receive such in depth form of therapy. Few can afford it, and even fewer know how to provide it. See what his credentials are, see if he is having success "even with people who believe they have ADD" and make a decision.

If he is good at what he does, and he is using an updated version of analysis, which I am sure he is, you are very lucky. The fast way may be behavioral, but the deepest more thorough process is analytical.

As for the meds and the ADD diagnosis, you can always go to another doctore to discuss if you need treatment for ADD and get prescription. But taking part in analytical therapy might be a once in a lifetime opportunity which few will ever have the opportunity to experience.

Just a thought, from the other side, which can appreciate the importance of the deeper side of psychology.


01-12-05, 04:46 AM
Got to grant you Healthwiz, I never thought of combining the analytical with another Doc. I am all for analytical psych, but it just didn't seem to be helping Ricardo in the short term.

PTSD and I was rewarded with 5 years analytical psych which really uncovered more rot than I had considered. If "anyone" can afford the analytical approach, I give it the huge thumbs up.

You are correct, the Freudian approach should not be in practice as much now, but I know of quite a few who will not move from Freud....although they are well into their late 50's- 60's, which may explain this.

01-12-05, 08:35 AM

your doctor is stuck in a time wharp. run for the hills!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-12-05, 01:09 PM
Yeah, my doc is way over 60!...

Those of you that consider analytical psych to be great, what is its real added value? Does one trigger different behaviours and different reactions to stuff after specific "clicks"? Do I have to go and talk, talk, talk about my past, do an effort to remember things from the past that I can relate to my day-to-day...?

Some of the sessions I get out concluding that I'm taking homework. Basically because the session ends with something that I think deserves more thought, sometimes derived from hints the doc gives me -- of which I sometimes disagree! The doc says, yeah, that's it, take your homework. -- The fact, is that when I get out and go down on the elevator when I get down to the street I'm already "somewhere else". Lol. So I end up wondering "wadafok" is it really supposed to do... hehe.

The psych said we'd have a compromise of at least two months. Ok no prob bout that, but speaking about facts... will I have to be there for years for the therapy to have a visible effect? My dad's paying 60 per week and well, it's money.

Later & thks :-)

01-12-05, 01:54 PM
i repeat my earlier comment, ricardo!:)

freudian based therapy, in my opinion anyway, is not going to assist with the type of issues you are struggling with. i am not an expert, but i was a psych minor in college and actually have a lot of therapist/psych friends. i have to tell you, none of them use this methodology in their practices, though they are all extremely knowledgeable about it. as far as they and i are concerned, freud is a good source for funny jokes, (yes, i know his work was and will always be viewed as that of a medical pioneer....which is fine and deserved because frankly some of the best pioneers taught us what NOT to do) but certainly not as the expert on whose philosophy current psychological issues should be addressed.

01-13-05, 09:58 PM
Hi all...

Just a quick note to keep you on the loop... no big news, because... I thought thursday was tomorrow and failed to go to the appointment!! Arghh... :eek:

Anyway life goes on and Thursdays never end :)


Coral Rhedd
01-13-05, 10:02 PM
I'll never forget when I went to see the eye doctor on Sunday. Even the empty parking lot didn't cue me in. I kept checking my watch because I was sure I had the right time.

After a while this psychologist may become a believer in your ADD. :D

01-13-05, 10:52 PM
that's a hoot coral!!!! maybe that really is what it will take!!!

ricardo, never thought to mention that in terms of advice but hey, whatever works!!!!

01-14-05, 01:39 AM
PTSD and I was rewarded with 5 years analytical psych which really uncovered more rot than I had considered. If "anyone" can afford the analytical approach, I give it the huge thumbs up.

Lucky you that you got a chance to go through and resolve some "rot". We all have it, and rarely do we look it in the ugly face. Its worth the look though, because under the part covered with "rot" (I like that analogy), there is a person waiting to be experienced in a different way. At least that has been my experience.

My therapy has mainly come from psychodrama, which is not "analysis" but it goes deep, as deep or deeper than analysis can go. I had years of cognitive, which was helpful. But the real transformation came from psychodrama. There are very few American therapists trained in psychodrama, even though it is incredibly effective. This is probably due to the years of additional training required to become a psychodramatist, and so there are very few here. However, in Brazil there are thousands of trained and licenced Psychodramatists, and it is a main form of therapy there. By the way, Psychodrama was developed in upstate NY. J.L. Moreno, who developed Psychodrama, was a student of Frued, and was opposed to Freuds method, and was very frank with Freud about his disagreement.

After attending a lecture Freud had done, Freud asked the young Moreno, as a colleague, what he thought of the lecture, to which Moreno replied,

"Well, Dr Freud, I started where you leave off. You meet people in the artificial setting of your office. I meet them on the street and in their home, in their natural surroundings. You analyze their dreams. I try to give them the courage to dream again. I teach the people how to play God."
(from "Psychodrama, Surplus Reality and the Art of Healing" by Zerka T Moreno, Blomkvist, and Rutzel 2000 reprinted 2003)


01-31-05, 04:56 PM
OK, I went to the doc this last thursday, and I've quit. He confirmed he does freudian.
Also I am corresponding with a family friend who is a psychiatrist in the US and knows about ADD. He too told me freudian is no use for ADD.
He told me the most efficient treatment is in fact medication. I think I'll go for it...
Now I have all those hesitations about "will my creativity decrease", "are there permanent side effects", etc. but I will browse more about it to feel confident and go ahead!
Thanks for the help so far :D

01-31-05, 05:17 PM
Well, I'd say right off the bat, if you dont feel comfortable with him, "oppressed" thats a deal breaker, definatley. I find sometimes younger docs are more open and also tend to have the current research in their heads. They dont come from that ridgid old school, authoritarian stance. Find a new doc.

01-31-05, 05:26 PM
I'm presently... getting ready... to start looking... for people here in Portugal that know about ADD and can help in some efficient way. Hope I do it this week!!! I hate this procrastinating thing. Could have done it already friday or today. ArGghH. lol :)

01-31-05, 11:46 PM

I have taken medication for years for ADD; it is a long term solution. Taking medicaiton never hampered my writing, which is a creative endeavor, nor did it limit my ability to imagine. If anything, it is the opposite, because the medication allows me to take the next step with my imagination, which is to harness and act upon those ideas and make something with my creativity. Unfortunately, ADD often allows me to do nothing with my great ideas.... ever experience that? The medication helps me do something with my great ideas. I'd almost go as far as saying my ADD without medication is probably a lot like depression.

On the other hand, I have a "co-morbid" condition that has nothing to do with your condition, in that I also have sleep disorders, which magnify my ADD symptoms.

On the Freudian, versus medication, while I really think analysis is good, I think that the lack of focus might lead those sessions to not address the specific problems of ADD. The analysis in and of itself is probably very healthy, even the Freudian style. But everything in its time and place. Address the real intereference in your life, which is a lack of focus (I assume), and see how you feel after addressing that very real interruption in your everday functioning. Then, if you feel there are some emotional and psychological issues to address, beyond ADD, choose a therapeutic style to address those with. Many therapists are multi-modal and use whatever approach they feel fits your style and your needs. The next step in finding a great therapist is to ask around from other professionals, who they think are "THE BEST" therapists in town. When you hear certain names repeatedly from multiple sources, that is a good sign that you have a good lead to a very reputable and effective therapists. The rest, the manner in which it has an effect for you, once you locate a good therapist, is really dependent on you, your willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zones and try to think in new ways, and act in new ways, to get new results. They really should not be called "Shrinks" because a good therapist is all about stretching your abilities.

Congratulations on doing your research and getting some answers!!!!!!!


10-27-08, 10:53 PM
Ricardo, your DR appears to be doing Freudian analysis on you. If you find you are the one doing most of the talking, it's quite a sure bet that he's well into Freud. If so, he is analysing your behavior. It is only after you talk and talk and talk that he will make a diagnosis.

Only my opinion, but I can't see a Freudian Psych being much help for someone with ADHD.

You need feedback, ad Fighting has said, but you won't get it from this Dr "if" he practices Freudian Psych. If I were you, I would ask him.

I'd just like to point out that Freud is the most debunked scientist in history. He blatantly made up data and lied about other data. I wouldn't trust a guy who is only into Freud.